strand and deliver - white gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-28
strand and deliver  -  white gold necklace and earring set
With pearls, the world is your oyster.
Marilyn Monroe called Diamond the girl's best friend in the classic movie "Gentleman prefers blonde beauty"
But the pearls seem to win their hearts.
Pearl jewelry, especially pearl jewelry made of Australian South China Sea Pearl, has experienced a revival in the past decade, which has a relationship with women and their elegance and popularity with movie stars
Amanda Perryman, 37, said: "I have loved pearls since I was a child, and now I have graduated from Nanhai Pearl . ", He recently bought a pearl pendant and a pearl and pink diamond "spray" necklace for about $9000.
"They have an eternity, but I just like to wear them.
Pearls make you feel special.
Alex Kailis said: "This response is common and his Perth family company MG Kailis Group is one of the largest producers in Australia.
"Pearls are feminine than any other gem or stone.
"Women are very attached to them," Kelly said . "
"They are a living gem, not a rock from the ground.
When you touch them, they are emotional to touch and warmth.
Olivar Musson, owner of Musson Jewelers, a Sydney store, said most women gave up their "grandmothers" view of pearls once they owned them.
"Whenever a young lady comes in and says, 'No, I hate pearls, 'I said,' wait, one day you don't want to be without pearls.
Don Bacon, general manager of bromwley Creek Pearl, said Australian pearls generally score higher in size, shape, gloss, surface and color than overseas pearls.
"Our pearl oysters produce pearls from silver to silver --white, silver-
"Pink, gold and dark gray," he said . ".
The Black Pearl was bred in the abrolislands Islands near Geraldton in Western Australia.
Says Pearl.
The breeding technology and strict selection of Australian pearls make them the best pearls in the world.
As many as half of the pearls his company harvested from the farm were rejected.
But the quality of pearls like Paspaley (
Largest producer in Australia)
Calis also makes them more expensive.
Anyone interested should get the Platinum card in order.
A simple pendant with a Pearl next to a platinum pink diamond, worth about $2000, says Calis, Pearl "French Hook" earrings (
Platinum suit)
The cost is similar.
Level A interlocking cable (necklace)
A spray of up to 10 pearls sprinkled with diamonds is worth about $10,000.
A string of about 30 pearls is worth "hundreds of millions of dollars" because of the rarity of perfect round pearls.
Kelis said that the whole harvest of 200,000 large horse shells
The world's largest pearl oyster, growing only in northern Australia.
It is possible to produce only uniform pearls that are half-wired enough.
The interesting fact is that the diameter of the Pinctada maxima oysters is about 30 cm and it takes about two years to produce pearls.
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