style q&a: danes + divas offer stylish accessories — for your dog - neck accessories for ladies

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-20
style q&a: danes + divas offer stylish accessories — for your dog  -  neck accessories for ladies
Want you already
More cute dog?
Shalla Black can help you with this problem. The Cloverdale-
Danes & Divas, founder of the brand, made a series of cute accessories for your furry friends, including bow ties, handkerchiefs, colorful collars, and more.
Blake took a break while making her puppy.
Approve the creation to talk to Postmedia news about her brand, design items for dogs, and what makes her job the best in the world: for those who are not familiar with it, Danish and
Danish is a pet.
Accessories for design and manufacture-to-
Order pet products such as collars, leads, wire harnesses-
There are even bow ties and headscarves.
How did you come up with the idea of making accessories for dogs?
When shopping for my own dog, I know that at a reasonable price point there is a need for fashion pet clothing in practical design, both of which are not commonin-
Hand at that time.
I saw a chance to merge two things I like.
Stylish Design and pets.
The idea quickly produced a range of pet accessories designed to complement the individual style and the unique personality of the pet.
What are your most popular items at the moment?
Now, with the arrival of spring, robin's egg blue linen collar and custom nautical pattern Chambray Bandana are listed as best sellers.
What is the price range for Danes & Divas items?
Collar from $18-
$46 and removable collar accessories and headscarves $8-$42.
Where can people check?
Our products are only available online.
We also open a shop at some local events. Our favorite is pets --A-
In Palooza, Yale, locals can check out our products in person.
Where are these items made?
Our studio is located in Cloverdale.
We design and manufacture all our garments here. house.
Handling cute items
More lovely pets
I can imagine you have one of the best jobs in the world. Am I right? Absolutely!
I like to do what I do!
There is a small team of pets and people behind me, which makes my work more enjoyable.
I also had the opportunity to work with my husband who helped manage the operations.
I am very grateful for the job.
Finally, what are you going to do next?
Is there a plan to expand the scope?
In the absence of spoilers, I would say that we are considering the introduction of limited
Seasonal pet clothing as well as a range of cute pet clothing
Human-related novelty.
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