suspect in violent jewelry store robbery pulled trigger, but gun misfired - white gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-29
suspect in violent jewelry store robbery pulled trigger, but gun misfired  -  white gold necklace and earring set
Last summer, a suspect in a robbery at a violent jewelry store in Vaughan opened fire in the store and then pointed to the owner's 11-year-
Police in the New York area told the media on Friday that the old daughter pulled the trigger many times.
Luckily, the gun fired wrong and the girl was not hit.
Investigators released new details and images of the Asian gold 5010 Steeles Ave unsolved robbery. W.
Police are still looking for all five suspects. Det. -Sgt.
Mike Fletcher of Hold
On Friday, the police described to the media what they thought was happening on August. 1, 2014.
The allegations were not confirmed in court.
Around 7: 50. m.
A female suspect pretended to be a customer entering the store, he said.
She asked to see a few things before leaving.
Half an hour later, she came back with the second woman.
She asked for a white gold necklace.
She then allegedly pulled out the pistol and repeatedly asked the owner to hand over the necklace.
The second suspect brandished a Taser.
When the owner did not hand over the necklace, she used a Taser gun on him and an employee.
The owner ran into a back room.
The first suspect shot him.
"This round almost missed the owner, through the door, stuck on the wall behind the business," Fleischaker said . ".
The woman of the ditaser gun allegedly jumped over the counter and grabbed 11-year-
Daughter of the master.
According to witnesses, the first suspect was "only a few feet" from the girl when he pointed the gun, and she pulled the trigger many times.
"Guns did not fire for unknown reasons.
Fleischaker added: "Three male suspects have been trying to get into the store.
At this point, a security system is up, so they are able to enter the first group of doors, but not the second group.
He said the owner and an employee ran back into the room and "fought against two female suspects ".
The suspect grabbed "a piece of jewelry" and then ran away with the man.
They drove a black BMW to the east on Stiles Avenue.
"Obviously the female suspects here are very violent and ready to do everything they can to achieve their goal of getting some jewelry, including to the owner and his 11-year-
"Old daughter . "
Nine months later, police are still looking for all five people involved.
They ask the public for information that may be helpful.
Police have released photos of several suspects taken from surveillance footage.
One of the women wore a distinctive poncho with lightning on it.
"We also know from investigating what the bad guys say is a crime," Fleischaker said . ".
"Bad people and bad girls, they can talk, they will share stories of their events and robberies with people they know.
"He asked anyone who knew the story to call the York Regional Police at 1: 00 --866-876-5423 x.
6630, or 1-stop the crime anonymously800-222-TIPS (8477).
Suspicious description has been posted.
It is reported that the first woman is black, with medium skin color and medium body shape. foot-3 to 5-foot-
Between the ages of 7 and 22 and 27, the hair is black, the hair is braids, and the hair is brown.
She was wearing a gray-white shawl, a gray shirt, sunglasses, white socks and black shoes.
She had a wallet and a gun in her hand.
The second woman's shoulder is black.
Curly black hair.
She is lighter.
Skin, taller and thinner than the first woman.
She is wearing a beige baseball cap, white running shoes, black yoga pants and a black T-shirt. shirt.
She took the Taser.
All three are black.
The first one was wearing black clothes, glasses and white gloves.
He carried a black bag.
The second one was dressed in black and a red baseball cap.
The third is a black hoodie, black trousers, white gloves and a bag.
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