suzie: how i lost 5st 7lb after two miracle babies - childrens costume jewellery

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suzie: how i lost 5st 7lb after two miracle babies  -  childrens costume jewellery
Name: SuzieWeight weight: 5st 7 lb was: 16st9lb now: 11st2lb Age: 36 Height: 5'8 "fertility problem means Sue and is determined to be an example of their health.
When I was only 30 years old, I was told that I had started early menopause and my body no longer produced a lot of high-quality eggs.
When I tried to have a baby with my partner, I was taken a fertility medication to try to fix the problem, but the outlook was not optimistic.
I 've had a devastating miscarriage, but suffered another second, and another blow came as I struggled to get up later.
My partner met someone else and told me that our relationship was over.
My friend supported me with a consulting friend and the consultation helped me.
After a while, the second drop I got in fertility treatment, and when I finally started to get out of recession, I met Chris.
A few weeks after we were in love, we talked about having children, but we didn't know that I was pregnant with Ava when we had a conversation (now aged three).
We are too excited to imagine.
But from the beginning, it was very difficult to get pregnant.
I get sick every day-up to 10 times at times-the only thing that makes me feel better is eating.
I eat whatever I want and when I want to eat. although I often get sick, my weight begins to increase.
I also have a disorder of combined pubic function (SPD)
This situation affects the pelvic joints, which makes it very painful to walk in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and I have to use crutches.
When I was pregnant with Ava, I gained to 14 lbs.
I tried to lose weight, but after 6 months of hard work, I only dropped a stone.
Then on the eve of 2012 new year, Chris and I found out that we were looking forward to it again.
It was another difficult pregnancy, and I kept going back to eat, getting sick again and gaining weight again.
During the first few months after my son Laurie was born, a comfortable diet was a vague stress and lack of sleep.
Chris was fired and forced to find a job outside of home, meaning I was alone most of the time.
No family around me supported me and the food gave me the comfort and energy I needed.
But over time, I know I have to regain control of my body.
My epiphany, I suddenly realized at a cashier at Burger King.
As I took my order slowly, I realized that I could pick up my stomach and rest on the counter.
I knew it was not the kind of mom I wanted to be.
I want to be an example for my children to honor me-so I need to be healthy, healthy and happy.
I went home to weigh myself.
At 16st 9lb, I set myself a challenge to lose 5st and I gave myself a year to do it.
I know it's a try. and-
The weight loss method tested, although I feel too self
I attended the digital conference consciously in January 2014.
I put my whole heart into WWplan and it was amazing that I lost 9 lbs in my first week!
Back in exercise, I was happy to find an effective formula and I stuck to it and kept losing weight.
By the time I arrived at March, I was 14 years old, which gave me the confidence to go back to the gym.
My time was short, so when I managed to squeeze out a session, I had two classes back to back.
Health and strength are becoming more and more important to me.
I started training at a company called Fitness wildlife, which specializes in strength training and all training is done outside.
I love this fun and varied training, including doing some exercises like pulling
Hang on the gymnastics rings on the trees, and drag a huge rope through the muddy grounds.
As the best example of my challenge, I lost 5st 7lb in a year.
In fact, I told people that losing weight has taken my weight down for 14 years because the last time I weighed 11 st 2 lb was when I was in my early 20 s.
However, life is still accompanied by ups and downs.
Unfortunately, Chris and I decided to separate.
But he is still one of my best friends and he is an amazing father for both of our children.
I am in good health now and the doctor said that nothing can stop me from trying if I decide to have more babies.
I also know that with the help of WW, I can change the weight of the baby.
Now, every time Ava puts on my high heels, puts on costume jewelry and says, "I want to be like mom", I know I'm on my way to being the best role model and mom.
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