swindler's ex-friends sue for some assets - ruby jewelry set

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swindler\'s ex-friends sue for some assets  -  ruby jewelry set
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Perry Fontaine lived a king-like life, while defrauding millions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers through elaborate fraud.
Now, two former friends are being attacked by suspicious government lawyers who believe they are trying to continue fraud.
Rodney Thomson and Shirley Fontaine filed a motion claiming that they have legal rights to some of Fontaine's wealth, which will be auctioned while Fontaine is sitting in a federal prison.
Both of them appeared in court on Tuesday, starting with two-
A hearing to determine whether they should be allowed to cash in.
Shirley Fontaine
Married to Perry's brother from 1988 to 1999
Claiming that she was the actual owner of nearly $50,000 in gold, diamonds and ruby jewelry seized by the RCMP in its investigation a few years ago.
She told Queen Judge Perry Shulman, her predecessor.
The husband bought her all kinds of expensive rings and watches.
Although the documents submitted by the court show that he worked as a punctuality watch at the Virginia Fontaine treatment center run by Perry Fontaine, his salary was very low.
Shirley Fontaine
He also served as a consultant at the drug rehabilitation agency-
Claiming that money is not against her former partner.
"He did a lot of other small jobs. . .
He likes to buy things for me, "she said.
Federal prosecutor Mike Mahon asked for details of the purchase, including a $10,000 watch.
Shirley Fontaine claimed that she did not know when she received any items.
"It may be on birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day.
"I just don't remember," she said . ".
Fontaine is also not able to show any receipts, any photos of her wearing jewelry or any proof of insurance.
Shirley Fontaine said she gave Perry the items in 1997 to stay away from her separated husband --his brother —
He had a serious drinking problem.
She never saw the jewelry again and did not file a claim until after Perry admitted fraud earlier this year.
"I think if he is innocent, he will get everything back," she said . ".
Thomson also sat on the legal heat on Tuesday as he claimed that the $3,500 cash he found in a safe owned by Fontaine was actually his money.
Thomson worked for the province of SA moving company run by Fontaine.
His job is to deal with complaints about damaged goods and try to negotiate a solution with angry customers.
"My job is to get a claim as low as possible," Thomson told the court . ".
He admitted that he often lied and lied to himself in several cases --
But denied trying to take a similar stunt against the money.
However, Thomson said in a RCMP statement issued on 2004 that the $3,500 was actually a business income, not a personal fund.
Thomson told Shulman that he had no memory of the conversation in the recording.
"If I say it, it's not right.
"That's my money," he said.
Thomson claimed that he had invoices for the money, but never brought them to court from his home in SA province.
"No one ever told me I needed them.
"I didn't realize how I got the money," he said . ".
Perry Fontaine was sentenced to three years in prison earlier this year.
He admitted planning a well-planned scam that would allow him to enjoy the luxury lifestyle of exotic travel, luxury cars and expensive jewelry.
His judgment included an order to pay the return of $2.
36 million, this is the amount he personally received through the scam.
Fontaine admits that he has set up two fake consulting companies that have paid millions of dollars for the project from Health Canada to Fontaine, Virginia. www. mikeoncrime.
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