thanks for visiting cnnmoney. don't shine on you crazy diamond? jewelers slump - blue and gold jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-18
thanks for visiting cnnmoney.     don\'t shine on you crazy diamond? jewelers slump  -  blue and gold jewelry
Signet jeweler (SIG)
The company, which owns the four shopping mall brands, posted disappointing sales on Thursday and the outlook was tepid.
The stock fell 10% on the news.
The bad result is after a day.
Tiffany (end jeweler)TIF)
In addition, quarterly earnings are also very low.
Shares of Signet and Tiffany fell nearly 20% this year.
An analyst who tracks Signet and Tiffany believes investors may also be overreacting to the latest earnings report.
"What people worry about isterm.
This may be overdone, though.
"These are solid businesses," said Paul Swinand, an analyst at Morningstar . ".
But Tiffany and Signet are not the only jewelry brands in trouble. Richemont (CFRUY)
Cartier's parent company also fell 20%.
Blue Nile, an online jewelry retailer (NILE)
Also down 30%.
The only exception is Pandora A/S, A Danish jeweler (PNDZY)--
Don't be confused with online broadcasters.
Pandora A/S grew 20% this year and the company reported strong sales and solid prospects earlier this month.
If Precious metal prices continue to rise, all jewelry retailers may be in trouble.
Prices of gold, silver and platinum rose sharply year on yearto-date.
It can be difficult to pass on these costs to consumers.
Many people may be dug out.
They are more cautious, at least. -both in the U. S.
All over the world.
"We attribute the overall decline in sales to the weak spending of many domestic customers in the United States. S.
Mark Aaron, vice president of Tiffany, said in a recorded investor call: "The market and foreign tourists in many countries have seen a decline in spending in New York . ".
To be sure, shoppers are still spending money to decorate their homes, as can be seen from the strong earnings of Labor (LOW)and Home Depot. (HD)
The dollar is generally against the deep plate (DG)
Dollar Tree (DLTR)
Wall Street is also shocked by their latest earnings.
The news came that their shares had soared.
However, this may indicate how tight consumers are.
Related report: gold jewelry prices are getting higher and higher, and many clothing retailers are struggling, many of them are Mall tenants like Signet's big brands. Gap (GPS), Macy's (M), Nordstrom (JWN), J. C. Penney (JCP)and Target (TGT)
It's one of the many big retailers that released bad data recently. Sears (SHLD)
Abercrombie & Fitch, a teen clothing retailer (ANF)
Weak results were also announced on Thursday.
Many experts believe the rise of online retail-
Especially the dominance of Amazon (AMZN)--
Should be responsible for many disturbing sales reports from brickand-mortar stores.
But it is worth mentioning that Mark Light, CEO of Signet, does not agree with this view.
"Signet vs Amazon
Speaking on a conference call with analysts, he said: "proving that consumers have always shown the desire to touch jewelry and to be educated by trusted and trained professionals before making highly emotional purchases.
However, stocks can also be a very emotional purchase.
Now, many investors seem to show more fear than greed for Signet, Tiffany, and other jewelers.
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