the 10 best statement earrings - gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-01
the 10 best statement earrings  -  gold necklace and earring set
Pastel55, Tati Devin, Tati Devin.
The sun has barely been seen for months, but you can use these chandeliers to become rainbow-like brightstyle earrings.
Lemon-colored plexiglass, sour pink plexiglass, pearl-shaped peaches and lavender plexiglass, these beauties sparkled like oil on the surface of the water. 2.
Hanna Martin, Hanna Martin, London.
ComThis Black Tahiti Pearl earrings are 18-carat rose-gold spike.
Hannah Martin's work is part of Rock Vaults, the jewellery showcase of the British Fashion Association.
The design is sold separately, though nothing can stop you from investing in a pair. 3.
River Island, riverisland, basketball with crystal 12.
The cheerful lime of kanghe Island
Green and Silver
Tone diamond earrings look much more luxurious than their high
The street price tag shows the simplest jeans and T-
Shirt this spring4.
Asos series, asos series, Green and mirror.
These geometric dazzling people will definitely cause serious jealousy in all jewelry.
The Magpies are popular thanks to the huge green rhinestones.
Asos series London by the brand-
Based on the design team. 5.
Kabiri, Kormelitz, color Crystal S300. co.
Is it not worn? No problem!
These charming colored Swarovski crystal clusters have a clipon fastening.
Jeweler Fanny charlen works on every exclusive numbered piece of her Paris studio inspired by the 1940 black film and her precious antique discoveries. 6.
Holly Fulton, farfit. comThese blue-
Resin earrings featuring light colors
Blue Crystal with clip
On the fasteners at the back, the trademark brand that showcases Holly Fulton, be it color or size, is very elegant.
This is essential for anyone who loves spangle. 7.
£ 85 Golden Triangle, Scott Wilson's water, water, water.
1990 s icons such as Neneh comFans cherry and saltN-
Pepa will be excited about these 3D triangles.
Gold earrings-
Plated perforated metal is part of the ongoing collaboration between Aqua jeweler Scott Wilson and the British brand Aqua by Aqua. 8.
Old barks: 240, Bex Rox, Bex Rox.
People who like low-key jewelry will love these elegant geometric earrings.
London jeweler Bex etiquette
24 in the UK-carat rose-gold plating.
There are four pyramids.
3 cm long and works well with silver and gold necklaces and rings. 9.
Art deco £ 295, Kabiri of Scho, kabiri. co. ukThese 8cm-long art deco-
Inspired earrings combine fluorescent yellow pearls with golden colored glass beads
Sarah Scho, a South Korean plated earrings
The born designer studied her industry at the famous fashion institute in Paris.
Her work is very fashionable.
Forward and luxurious. 10.
£ 338 in pink and crystal, Shourouk, matchesfashion.
Whether it's a cocktail dress or a simple gray marl top, the comNeon costume jewelry looks great.
Tunisian jeweler Shourouk will be old
The school charm and super of heir treasures
Modern color palette.
These glittering crystals form a dramatic pear
Drop with pinand-
Butterfly fastening of ear hole.
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