the best jewelry for spring 2017 gets personal - sterling silver necklace and earring sets

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-30
the best jewelry for spring 2017 gets personal  -  sterling silver necklace and earring sets
Excellent jewelry designers have provided Spring 2017 with a bunch of personality and optimism that continues the trend that has been strong for the past few seasons.
Colorful Stones and complex settings shape into smiles-
The market dominated the topic of induction.
Judging from the new series currently on the shelves, on the good side, the message that jewelers are promoting is --
And, more importantly, the appeal of consumers at these tough times.
Fashion and jewelry consultant Amalia Keramitsis said: "Shoppers who have come out of the election cycle are in trouble due to current world problems and are looking for something happy to mitigate their emotions.
"If you're having a bad day or have a problem, a great piece of jewelry will make you feel better.
"With the soaring price of jewelry, more and more consumers wear jewelry all day as a means to support their mentality, a traditional stone --
The setting of the shape will not be cut again.
From childhood color clusters to familiar shapes, to symbols of strength and prosperity, the best designers have a keen insight into what shoppers are concerned about;
How did they look for jewelry with more bites.
Check out the best jewelry for Spring 2017.
Alison Lew's women's rights is a hot topic
In today's political climate, buttons and clothing sets have been armed.
Leading in the field of boutique jewelry is Alison kemla, the designer behind Alison Lew, who has launched a capsule series called "girl power" that will bring 30% of the proceeds
A collection of gold and pink enamel pendants, individual rivets and small hugs, is a symbol of women --
As powerful as its charm.
The prices of these items range from $195 to $390 and are available on Alisonlou. com.
The brand of Jennifer MeyerJennifer Meyer has its lovely, delicate quality and how to take advantage of the lucky charm (
Stone, wish bone, heart, flower)
In a prominent way.
It makes sense that she will include five people.
Many people, including Meyer, are looking for good luck, a symbol.
The designer said in a statement: "Since I was a little girl, I have been told to make a wish to My Lucky Star, which is why the stars have always been meaningful in my team.
The new collection, appropriately named Open Star, consists of 18 k gold necklaces and earrings inlaid with diamonds, pink sapphire or turquoise.
The line was exclusively launched at the Barnes department store in New York at prices ranging from $1,175 to $6,500.
I built her brand with Robyn Renzi of Rome & Ro on amulet and charm of Oriental Bend.
This time, however, she is looking in the opposite direction.
Her new Astrology series examines the motives of the Western zodiac and individuals belonging to a specific constellation.
It consists of a sterling silver siloed symbol for $150 and an 18 k gold medal for $2,875.
The series will be available on Meandrojewelry. com in April.
Noor FaresLike Renzi, Noor Fares are also working on a heavenly chart.
The head office designer introduced her seventh line Akasha, meaning ethereal space in Sanskrit, and was inspired by the ancient Mandala and the cosmic qualities they had.
In the design of the fare, the spirit has always played an important role, but this series has pushed it to a new height.
It includes a variety of gadgets, shaped in circles and triangular grids, with proportions representing sacred geometry.
She used nine more gems.
It includes Ruby, purple crystal, yellow crystal and blue Topa stone.
Quoted in Hindu astrology.
The collection range ranges from $2,500 to $18,000 and the purchase information can be found on Noorfares. com.
Fernando yoehbloom is the latest collection of Brazilian Fernando Jorgeborn, London-
A large number of popular designers have accumulated in this industry.
His winding colorful works are bold and exquisite (
A parallel relationship that is definitely hard to find)
It has attracted the attention of major retailers.
In spring 2017, Jorge created a shape inspired by the plant world.
This is at least not a new idea, but the way he combines digital technology with traditional manual cutting and finishing techniques creates a fresh line --edge.
The line is available at Fernandojorge. co.
UK and model.
The range is from $3,210 to $65,120.
Mish Tworkowski in New York knows how to bring charm.
In the spring, the New York designer introduced his collection of comet tail earrings, including Blue Sapphire, Black Diamond and White Diamond.
The length is dramatic, executed at the point, and more notably, it flashes bright light-
Even under candlelight.
The line is available in New York mish on Bond Street for prices ranging from $38,000 to $46,000.
Annick Jody and sister Noel vielard
Jordi founded Bahina under clear principles.
"We want to attract women who are positive, loyal, open and self-
"Confidence," she explained.
Jordi said in a statement
They will certainly do so in their recent work.
Using bright stones, from Blue topstones and lavender jade to red wreaths and tourmaline, these designs are designed to be fun, versatile and bring joy to the wearer.
"The fun and personality of life --
This is what Bahina jewelry represents . "Jordi.
One of the highlights of the series comes from their Antigua collection, which brings a modern twist to the guest string by making it with Venetian glass.
Prices range from $520 to $6,250 and purchase information can be found in Bahina. com.
The m'ama non-M' ama of pomodoro is the latest collection of Italian companies, perhaps its most refined and intimate collection.
Its name translates into "Love Me, Don't Love Me ".
"The collection consists of a variety of fine rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces made in 18 k rose gold, these rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are characterized by Crystal purple, Olive rock, moonlit stone and durian, highlighted by blue, yellow and white diamonds in London.
Each gem conveys a series of emotions, including passion, desire, jealousy, tenderness, love, happiness, hope, happiness, nostalgia.
The prices of these items range from $1,200 to $4,150 and are available at Pomellato. com.
The design of Irina MakriGreek jewelry Ilana mergery follows her legacy.
Her eye of evil and the eye of crying series was inspired by the amulet from ancient Greece, which is said to be designed to withstand the spirit of misfortune and malice.
While neither of these two lines is new to her brand, Makri keeps adding to keep her traditional work, but has been refurbished in modern times --
Pendants made of turquoise, pearls and diamonds.
Her work ranges from $815 to $20,200 and can be bought onlinea-porter. com, Barneys.
Com and Twistonline. com.
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