the gargoyle: pmo says it didn't know jeweller would highlight brooch loaned to trudeau's wife - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-08
the gargoyle: pmo says it didn\'t know jeweller would highlight brooch loaned to trudeau\'s wife  -  the jewelry store
The prime minister's office said it was not known that a Canadian jewelry store chain would promote the fact that Justin Trudeau's wife met Queen Elizabeth II in London this week.
On Wednesday, Birks jewellers issued a press release indicating that Sophie gregual-
Trudeau has decorated several birds, including a diamond.
Set in a maple leaf shaped brooch, watch it with the Queen at Buckingham Palace on the same day.
Normally, the brooch was lent to gregual by burx --
Trudeau, but the PMO says it doesn't know that the store will try to take advantage of the loan for commercial benefit.
"We are not aware of any promotional use," PMO spokesperson Kate Purchase said in an email . ". “Ms. Grégoire-
Trudeau wants to use this special spotlight to promote the image of Canadian designers around the world in her wardrobe. ”Grégoire-
Trudeau provides services such as Sentaler in Canada and Erdem, a Quebec designer.
Sentaler's attention to her style also seems to bring some valuable attention to her friends and stylist Jessica Muroni's past or present clients, who works at department store chain Hudson Bay
CTV celebrity Ben Mulroney and daughter's wife Mulroney-in-
Former Prime Minister Brian Muroni's law helped create gregual-
Trudeau sought her husband's oath in the Lido Hall this month --in.
Mulroney said on her Instagram account that she chose the "super stylish" Erdem costume from Hudson Bay.
Mulroney also connected the retailer she worked for about clothing.
"Sophie is wearing Erdem, a well-known Canadian designer, in a room in Hudson Bay," said The Huffington Post's shertel Huffington Post . ".
Muroni has also had a collaboration, although it is not clear whether she still has a business relationship with jewelry dealers.
In the United States, designers usually send their products to celebrities in movies and music to increase their exposure. And in the U. K.
The media have been watching the wardrobes of royal members such as the late Diana, Princess of Wales and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, who can immediately turn the product into a trend by wearing it once.
But this approach is new to Canadian politics and may raise ethical questions about a wife of an elected official getting free giveaways, or even loans, from designers to promote their products
For example, it is not clear at the moment that if aloan of an expensive piece of clothing or jewelry must be announced by the prime minister, he must submit it under that statement.
All members of parliament must publicly report on gifts received by them or their families valued at more than $200 "in connection with participating in charity or political activities ".
"For loans to items such as jewelry or clothing, the code remains silent. U. S.
First lady Michelle Obama does not accept clothing loans and usually pays for her clothes.
But sometimes, she accepts products donated by designers for special events.
"For Public or historic official events such as a state visit, the first lady's clothes may be presented as gifts by designers and accepted on behalf of the United StatesS.
The White House said in an interview with The Post.
"It is then preserved by the National Archives.
After the release of the press release, birks's public relations manager, Francis Kinden, did not repeatedly call and email to ask for more information about the arrangements with gregualTrudeau.
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