the glittering sisters - gold jewellery set

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the glittering sisters  -  gold jewellery set
Five times ago.
The husband of the late actress Eva Gabo declared that she did not want to "see the real diamond" any more ".
With this in mind, you will suspect her former spouse and eight former spouses
Her sister, Zsa's husband, will all wholeheartedly support the Secret Shhh, which sells jewelry made of simulated diamonds that can hardly tell the difference between fHAVING going through five times
The husband of the late actress Eva Gabo declared that she did not want to "see the real diamond" any more ".
With this in mind, you will suspect her former spouse and eight former spouses
Her sister, Zsa's husband, would all sincerely approve of the secret Shhh, which sells jewelry made of simulated diamonds that can hardly be distinguished from real jewelry.
Charming sister Emma and de Jolla Cogan recently opened the latest branch of secret Shhhat in the center of dundrur town, and they probably only got one at this point, considering that they are only 31 and 29, respectively, they have established the impression of the business.
Emma and Dearbhla have gained European rights to the jewelry chain with three stores.
They also have two thriving childcare businesses in Cork, high-care childcare, which is the area they were involved in before entering retail.
They take their business very seriously, but it seems to be lightly loaded with countless burdens, sending out fun and fun-filled pranks and sparks.
Emma was born in Glen Mill, Cork, but when she was three months old, she moved to Australia with her teacher parents, Kay and bill.
Two years later, Dearbhla was born, and the 23-year-old brother Bill joined the girls with Jack, 21, and Jack, 17. year-
Old Twins Breffney and Josh
Living between Queensland and Brisbane, their parents then set up a childcare company there, which means that de Jolla went through a childhood where her name was mispronounced.
"We used to take part in swimming competitions a lot and when she stood there and felt ashamed, we would be eager to hear what they called Dearbhla," Emma said with a smile . ".
The girls returned to Ireland when Emma was 15 and Dearbhla was 13, and they attributed the fact that they did not retain the Australian accent to the long childhood holidays spent in Cork.
The girls, as children, always get along well, and Dearbhla recalls her admiration for her big sister, which she calls "super
Very creative ".
"In the summer, we had to wear these overalls, like at home and outside, with blue and yellow ribbons in our hair.
Emma was always perfect and even ironed ribbons before school. It's strange, as Emma claims, that she is "creative and anal at the same time.
While in Australia, the girls were very involved in family childcare, where their careers flourished when their families moved to Cork.
It has several branches in Cork and Dublin, known as Cogan childcare, and when Emma and Dearbhla are in college, they are also eligible for formal childcare and join
A few years later, encouraged by their parents, they decided to strike on their own, open two high-care offices and then visit Australia, where they found a new concept that completely dazzled them.
They went into a secret branch that was just open and were on the 14-
Carat gold & White jewelry with men
A gem made of zirconium oxide that grows in the laboratory.
Gemologists agree that this simulated diamond is very close to the features of real things, and in the eyes of Cogans, there is great potential to develop franchises in Europe.
"We just stood in the store and looked at all the products and thought 'wow, this is awesome, '" Emma said '. ".
"The jewelry is so beautiful that you can't tell the difference between it and the real thing, and we immediately feel that it will fly around at home.
"Enterprising sisters gained European rights and decided to open a flagship store in Sloane Square, London, in 2002, followed by another flagship store on Regent Street.
The new Dundrum store has completed their dream of opening a shop in Ireland and is already a very popular store
It's not surprising when you think the price of most of the Rings for secret Shhh is between 230 and 350.
"Normally people will see the items they like and then look at the price tag and think there are three or four zeros missing," explains Dearbhla . ".
"We like to look at their faces because they usually react exactly the same way we did initially.
They can't believe these stones are not true.
"The Sisters all live in Kensington, although they have been in Ireland for a long time because of the new Dublin store and the childcare company in Cork and their families.
They insist that they cannot do it without the support of each other.
Emma said: "de Jolla is a smart sister. she is the one who puts all the foundations on things . " Emma married coconian Michael in 2005 ·
"She is very gentle and very inspiring, but at the same time, she will make sure you don't do anything stupid, but in a friendly way.
I don't think we will go so far alone, because we will spur each other when things become difficult.
Dearbhla agrees that mutual support is the reason why they work hard through tension.
"Emma is my best friend and I always have the most fun with her compared to the others I know," she said . ".
"We 've put in so long that you have to have some laughter in order to get through it.
"Emma and de la believe that they will stop owning three stores for the time being and will franchise the rest of the stores throughout Europe as they want to be hands --on owner-managers.
"We all like the industry very much and find it very interesting," Emma said . ". Dearbhla.
"It brings affordability to beautiful jewelry, and we make a lot of women want to treat themselves because buying a ring is not a savings for years.
Our customers like it very much.
I am sure Eva's predecessor will be very positive.
Secrets of the center of duntrum town. Phone (01)296-3029, www. secrets-shhh.
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