the israeli port city of jaffa: old stone buildings and trendy cafes - white stone necklace set

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the israeli port city of jaffa: old stone buildings and trendy cafes  -  white stone necklace set
JAFFA, Israel-just south of the glass tower and concrete house in Tel Aviv, is a white stone building in the ancient port city of Jaffa.
Jaffa has existed for thousands of years, but today it is a unified city with Tel Aviv, founded in 1909.
Both Jews and Arabs live in Jaffa, which is reflected in nearby tastes.
Visitors will find a luxury hotel, Setai, built on a Crusader fortress that later became a prison and police station.
Stylish cafes, galleries, bars and boutiques intersect the wells of Jaffa on narrow streets
The famous Arabian hummus and bakery, as well as the mosque, church and synagogue.
Around Shuk Hapishpeshim, the famous flea market in Jaffa, there are cafes everywhere.
Once, I sat in an alley chewing on shakshuka at the bar of Shafa, poached eggs cooked in tomato sauce, while the chicken giggled on the roof of a building on the street.
Cafe Puaa has comfortable, stylish but mismatched furniture that will sell you the plates you eat (
Almost everything is on sale).
The menu here is full of vegetable dishes known for their Israeli cuisine.
In the alley in front of the restaurant, I sat on the sofa and ate a deconstructed sabich, a fried eggplant and a hard breakfast sandwich --
Boiled eggs from Iraq are a popular Israeli street snack. (
A small storefront in Tel Aviv specializing in sabich Hasharon can also try an ordinary Sabich. )
The market itself is surrounded by the streets of Yefet, Beit Eshel and Yehuda Margoza, a paradise for those who are eager to debate the rubbish and treasure.
In several alleys, the vendors spread the goods on the ground and piled them up on the stalls.
There are antiques, furniture, clothes, trinkets and coins.
Friday morning and summer Tuesday, pop music
The market for handmade goods and jewelry has also increased.
In the afternoon, a party broke out in the outdoor bar.
But don't forget the hummus.
In Jaffa, hummus is the basic food in Israel and you can't eat enough hummus.
There are famous scenic spots in Ali RV on Ha Street, which is worth waiting in line.
Another crowded hummus machine is the ha'asli on Yefet Street, which is at odds with family, workers and tourists who are all looking for hummus, Rabin, barbecue
You can watch the Baker's work at Abulafia, a popular bakery that pile up bread and other treasures with blue tiles
Lined glass case on the sidewalk.
The food offered by Jaffa extends beyond the Mediterranean.
Romantic stones of Tash and Tasha
The interior walls are delicious dipping sauce, dumplings and bread from Georgia (
Country, not America. S. state).
Milk is a coffee shop with limited seats. the coffee is expensive and the pastries are beautiful.
People who are interested in learning how to cook Arabic food can also attend classes with locals.
For years, Myasser Seri has been hosting tutorials in her kitchenette.
She can put more than one
A package for your team or you can recommend the dishes you want to try.
Among the dishes we made, there was a pile of rice, barbecue and vegetables poured on the plate;
Meatballs made of sesame paste and yogurt; the parsley-and-
Barbecue salad, tabbouleh;
There is also the Arabic dessert knafe.
Her approach is to make thin crisp pastries and nuts with butter, sugar and lemon.
Seri also introduced us to what she called "Arabic Parmesan cheese": yogurt dried in the sunhard lump.
She ground the pieces into a powder, the sharp, delicious soup of which does remember Parmesan cheese and adds it to a fried eggplant saladchopped celery.
The price of her course varies according to team size.
One of the most popular attractions in Jaffa for tourists is the old port.
Ships have set sail here since ancient times;
This is even referred to in the story of Jonah mentioned in the Bible as "Joppa", where Jona started the journey, causing him to meet a big fish-or, in some versions of the story, whales.
The port is still being used by local fishermen, but there are also seafood restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.
There is a lot to eat and buy in Jaffa.
But one of the best things to do there is simply walk around and take the contrast.
The door set in the old stone wall is the cat puff of the installation tool;
There is a modern apartment building.
Galleries abound, but the streets create their own art.
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