the luxe effect - gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-02
the luxe effect  -  gold necklace and earring set
Brand ambassadors and social socialite Sheetal Vaidya tell you which works should be selected if you want to create luxurious effects.
The perfect muse of the creative soul of one of India's leading jewelry luxury brands --
Not only its brand ambassador, but also a luxury connoisseur who loves everything good.
Jadau jewelry has great traditional and cultural value and is something you can treasure all your life.
This gorgeous diamond complements ruby, emerald, sapphire, uncut diamonds and pearls.
Rich colors and artistry create the perfect charm for material women.
My choice for modern women is that this rose piece combines European and traditional Indian design and is a precious gem.
Whether it's an Indian or a western band, it helps to create the perfect look.
A gorgeous set of necklaces and earrings is part of the Rose House pure pearl collection.
These striking diamonds are made of pure white diamonds, and only the elegance of the bride can enhance their beauty.
This Colombian emerald ring made of roses with champagne and white diamonds is an absolute necessity for women who want to make a style statement;
This adds to her personality and adds feminine elegance to her demeanor.
A pair of beautiful earrings from the color of the Life collection, made of tanz Stone, emerald and diamond, with a multi-functional feel of Indian and Western clothing.
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