the man who would be sting - fancy jewellery set

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the man who would be sting  -  fancy jewellery set
Because I asked him to do so, Sting talked to me through his jewelry.
The wide silver cuff on his right wrist was a gift from a Yogi.
It features Sanskrit inscription: "I bow to Lord Shiva"
Shiva is the God of yoga.
The thin bracelet on his left wrist was given to him during a recent trip to Tibet.
He clarified: "In fact, I'm part of Nepal, so politically, it's not Tibet, it's cultural.
He dialed down his inscription in Sanskrit.
He does not remember what this means, and is related to the Lotus.
I'm not sure if he meant fruit, flowers or location. I keep schtum.
I don't want to look like an ignorant person in his company: Sting-
Very successful artists, former teachers and Pan
Cultural heritage
Almost infiltrated learning.
He went on to say that Sanskrit is a onomatetic word.
Whether you understand the words or not, it makes sense when you say it, "vibration --wise".
Sting likes to speak Sanskrit.
The pendant on his neck snuggled in the gray chest hair on the shirt he had opened with his nipples?
"It's pretty good," said Sting proudly . " He pointed to the shiny gray stone.
"It has nine circles and I was told it was a great protection force.
It is said that some bodhisattvas are raining in Tibet.
You can only find them there.
I have been wearing it for a few months. It protects me.
The dictionary later told me that in Buddhism, Bodhisattva is "a God worthy of Nirvana, who stays to help people be saved ".
Is the stone working?
"Well, I don't need to wear a condom," replied Sting, quicksmart.
"Gorgeous jewelry, New Age spells, bare breasts and ribald's playful words don't usually appear on men, let alone on 51-year-old men --year-
Six-year-old father
Of course, Sting is not a normal person. To some -
Some people say to themselves
He is a God worthy of Nirvana, and he stays to help people be saved through periodic pop music and lovely folk songs.
He is a member of the rock-and-roll ruling elite, Sting, the winner of this year's Kickstarter, Rod and Elton are friends of Madonna and have been here and will always be here.
This fall, that's why we have a meeting in this center --London private-
The member club saw the release of Sting's tenth studio album, Holy Love, which was partially created at his Tuscan estate.
Others marvel at this experienced global traveler's dabbling in jazz, rai in North Africa, classical music, and the rest of the world.
The same observer would acknowledge his mastery of songwriting skills and point out some of his creative qualities of flexibility, dexterity and persistence.
"Every Breath You Take" is 20-year-
According to a calculation, young people around the world earn $1,000 a day from American radio dramas.
F "every breath of yours" is one of the 14 clicks he wrote for the police. His 18-year-
Long solo career also has a place in the classic works.
"Gold Field", from sharp, popularflavoured (
(There is not much jazz adventure here)
The story of 10 summoners gave the late Eva Cassidy a signature tune of hers.
This year, Sugababes and Craig David created different hit singles in the same album, shape of my heart.
Along the way, they introduced sting to the audience of another generation and another generation.
He is particularly proud of this little song.
Only 138 seconds).
"Because what you create will turn into something different," he said with a smile . "
Craig in particular.
He made a great song.
He then invited me to sing on his record and the style matched his.
So I have to learn.
You know, he's a young man, and he's very confident in guiding me.
"The Sting paused for a while, probably for the effect.
"Let one of my kids finish school with the money so I don't complain!
"This financial name, if you want --
Others still think the sting is one of the reasons for a knob.
Too much money, too much "conscious", too many houses, too much yoga, an over-successful wife (
Sometimes actors, film producers, philanthropist, Madonna and Guy and the matchmaker of the motherof-
Four, Trudie Styler).
Frankly, even the fact that his age looks amazing is questionable.
Sting's achievement is nothing but his aura of confidence, money and luxury --his-bum smugness.
So, in the luxurious suite called the Duke of Newcastle, we met the joke of who is the world's most famous George?
No matter who it is, Sting finds it interesting.
Today, Sting lives in a trendy house in Marylebone.
He made some TV interviews here that morning.
He's talking to me this afternoon.
This evening, he performed the song of Holy Love at the Little Mermaid theater, and the concert will be broadcast on Radio 2.
The sting is slim, toned and tanned.
He was wearing a light blue shirt, gray flannel and beige underpants. ons.
Most of his hair is still there.
He has a little beard and is proud of the gray inside.
His eyes sparkled, but he was also scared.
He looks like a Terrance stamp, dignified and hard.
You won't provoke him with all yoga and peace.
At the end of the interview, we had a jewelry talk, but we first discussed the current world political situation.
With the interview of music stars,
About their new album, usually bland, tired, heavy exaggerated adjectivesit's a trip.
Sting will say anything.
Even having sex with his wife.
As it happens, he is an independent person.
He is a big fan of reports from Robert Fisk.
He appreciated the reporter's coverage of what is happening in the Middle East.
"The intelligence community, so-
He said in his familiar, faintly hoarse, harsh voice, "he sat in the corner of the sofa.
Occasionally, there are transatlantic mistakes, considering that he has two houses in the United States, and the length of time he travels there, picks up Grammy Awards, and records for Hollywood, that's fair enough.
But in general, his accent still carries the accent of George Burr, like a good son in the Northeast, who still emphasizes many random words.
"They used to sit in cafes and listen to what happened on the street ".
He knew it was true.
Miles Copeland Snr is the father of the police manager and the father of their drummer, Stewart, who is the founder of the CIA. "The OSS [
Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA]
It's intellectuals.
They can speak English.
Then the entire intelligence community was taken over by the military during the Vietnam War.
They drove away all the people who could speak foreign languages.
They rely on electronic surveillance.
They know nothing about al. Qa'ida.
Is he in favor or against the war in Iraq?
"I don't think it's a good idea.
"I mean, I never thought about having weapons of mass destruction," he frowned . ".
"I have no doubt that Saddam wanted them, but it was never true.
I'm glad he left. he's a fascist pig.
But at the same time, look at what they put in what position.
It's just chaos.
One of the benefits of the fascist is that the train runs on time!
People now live at 130 degrees Fahrenheit at night.
It was a disaster.
I'm not cheering.
I'm just saying, let's take care of this. Be real.
This is not a success at all.
"He thinks Tony Blair is out of the woods ".
I was disappointed.
I have seen him, just like him, he is a very decent person.
I like his family. I have a good relationship with him.
I just think he was unfortunate when he chose to have a different bed . "
"I think he has been sold.
I think he's a good politician.
But I don't know how, as a person who speaks the truth, he can regain our respect.
"But he did his best, you know.
Even George Bush did his best.
But the world is much more complicated than they think.
We should see shadows here, not narrowing the world down to us and them, good and evil, black and white.
Complicated thinking, complicated negotiation.
Complex philosophy
Not reduce it.
As to whether America is now a more difficult place to love, Sting said: "Well, since Elvis Presley, I have fallen in love with America like most of my generation.
Since Blues, since jazz.
This is a cultural power.
But now there's a paranoid edge in this country, and I hope it's temporary.
After September 11, all goodwill was weakened.
This needs to be restored.
America is a great country. fantastic.
We just need to restore confidence in it.
"On September 11, 2001, when news of an attack in the United States came, Sting was preparing to hold a concert in his villa in Tuscany.
Friends, colleagues and competition winners from around the world gathered to watch the show, which will also be recorded as live albums and videos.
They went against his better judgment, he said, "being intimidated by my band," and went on to perform.
"At the end of the day, it seems like a provocation to face what the terrorists want us to do, just fear.
But, well, this is not a great lofty position for freedom! " he chuckles.
"I'm just doing my job.
But the next day the family was gone.
The crew, the audience, my family.
I was alone in the house.
I was thinking, well, in this new world that landed at our doorstep, what is my character?
I am a singer/songwriter. An entertainer.
Do I have features?
I did not come up with a simple answer.
But he finally gave the answer and the album.
Love is his response to September 11.
He began to think that it seemed easier to declare war than to declare love.
"We must be afraid of this idea of love.
So I started trying to redefine how love was treated in my life.
Love is flower, sunshine, butterfly.
So I think I should start treating love as a devastating, terrible force. . .
This is "inner ".
"Inside" is keening, the first song to question the holy love.
It has a trademark head. tilted-
Come back, shout, chorus.
The single "Send My Love" is spinning and intense with flamenco and Arabic flavors.
"Whenever I say your name" is a sexy duet by Mary J. Blidge.
"Forget the future" is compared between domestic and geopolitical quarrels.
"This war" is the occasional silent roar of the chaos we had previously fallen into, and finally, the title track at the end finds hope and spiritual redemption in our hearts.
Sting and his wife lost a good friend who worked for the Rainforest Foundation in the World Trade Center attack.
But he insisted that it was not a crude record.
Like Bruce Springsteen's rise, this is a record of seeking ascension.
"Oh, I like this record," said Sting eagerly . ".
"Bruce is a very close friend of mine, and his record has inspired me a lot.
So no, it's a happy record, and it gets to one. . .
Idealistic conclusions if you like.
But this is my truth.
"I asked him if he would call himself a religious believer, and Sting thought about it.
"I believe in God," he said slowly . ".
"But I don't think I can describe God in any coherent way.
This is an unacceptable concept.
I don't think God is like me.
"A lot of people think you have.
He smiled shyly.
"I scored my own ball there!
No, I think a lot of people think that God is the same as them.
I'm sure bin Laden thinks God, like him, is a Muslim.
A Presbyterian church or a Catholic may consider him a Presbyterian church or a Catholic.
But he's not that kind of person.
This concept is far beyond our wisdom. "Am I a religious person?
He thinks further. "In my own way.
"There is no religion except sex and music," I said in send your love . ".
This is a controversial statement.
But if you look at it, "religion" means reconnect in Latin.
There are two things that reconnect us with the spiritual world: sex and music.
This is my church.
My idea of the spiritual realm is not something outside the universe, but the universe. "I nod.
"Well," reflected sting, "it's a little pretentious.
"For the most part of last year, I have been engaged in 300-
Plus a performance of two.
The world tour of the year, Sting lived in Tuscany.
His daily life included getting up early, and before breakfast, there was a good echo in his "room" for a few hours.
There, his "passion" is to play Bach's violin or his cello solo.
"They sound great on the guitar," he insisted . "
"I mean, you don't want to spend money listening to me playing!
Listening to music is one thing;
Actually, it's another thing to see the notes on the page and reply.
It's like talking to a master-
Bach is God as far as I am concerned.
I think you are learning in a subtle way.
He does this every day, almost a kind of "religious piety ".
He blinked and said that one of the songs about divine love was stolen from Bach. Which one?
"I didn't tell you! It's a secret.
"If he is writing a song, he will" put the time in ", start at around 11, have a break for lunch, and then recover in the afternoon.
If not, the rest of his day includes yoga and dog walking.
"Check My vineyard! " he declaims.
There are eight dogs in this family.
His private dog is flat.
The coat hound known as Roux.
Trudie has Irish wolf hunting dogs, as well as Labrador and some Anatolia shepherd dogs.
While in Italy, Sting was also busy writing his autobiography, Broken Music: Memoirs.
He told me that he dotted the last "I" on last night's final draft before the deadline ".
The broken music covered a period of his life until he formed a police officer.
Why write a book?
Part of the reason is that he is tired of reading various unofficial biographies.
"They're boring because they're just tabloid stories that have been fired into bodice --ripping, drug-fuelled yarns. It's crap.
I admit that writing a book is not a particularly noble reason.
But then it became an exploratory self. therapy.
Try to remember your life and the people who are important to you and how you came here.
This is an unlikely story that people don't really know.
I think they think my life is always happy. I just suddenly got this wonderful opportunity.
But you know I'm struggling.
This is a more interesting story than a celebrity.
"I had dinner with Elton, Madonna and Goy . "
Why did you read it in the book?
"He likes to write about Newcastle in his fifties and sixties, about his grandparents.
He doesn't need to fight Wild-
He said he went back to tyndside for research because he kept the full log at the time and had a good memory. He's non-
Will there be more volumes.
"Paradoxically, the closer I get to the present, the more cloudy it is.
I remember crystal.
Clear my first 10 years.
I know clearly what is the point of my life.
I'm not sure about the past 25 years. . .
"A trip to the rainforest?
Secret sex?
Environmental and human rights activities?
The British lifetime achievement award?
These may appear in large numbers in public awareness, but in the plan of things, it does not seem like Sting's definition of himself.
When he finished writing the book, he said, to be honest, he was "frustrated.
You are forced to bring up things that may lie in the sediment.
This is suppressed for good reason.
But putting it on the page is a good treatment and I feel much better now than I did last year.
I really got into a dark space.
"Is it hard to live with him?
Pause, the first hint is a twist.
"You have to ask them," he said of his family . ".
"I am not the most comfortable person in any case. . .
"You are billionaire super artist Sting, what else can be achieved?
Simple: he still wants to "evolve" in music ".
"I'm 51 and I might get complacent," he said as he poured the Cup of chrysanthemum in to prepare for the singing engagement tonight, and he had already put a bunchsoothing honey.
"I have done enough. I just need to step on the water.
Well, I don't think you can step on water. I think you're back.
Therefore, I am a student forever.
I am very serious. I have received a lot of criticism for this.
I'm too serious.
"But that's me," he said, shrugging his eyes between challenge and plea.
"Love me or not, that's me: take what I do seriously.
I am sincere, I am honest. . . " A pause. " . . .
I want to be better. Simple!
"He's billionaire super artist Sting, you know?
"Divine Love" is now released on A & M.
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