the rare and the beautiful - gold necklace and bracelet set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-11
the rare and the beautiful  -  gold necklace and bracelet set
Bambi Mathur, founder of Inara-good jewelry and gems, picks out her favorite pieces and shows unusual but beautiful styles and settings.
Training around the world
Famous gem College of America (GIA)
Bambi Mathur believes in creating a refreshing piece of jewelry that is modern and timeless. This tongue-in-
My Arabic night collection offers cheek and custom design.
The Tanzanian purple color made the work mysterious, and the "grape leaves" were wrapped around French stick diamonds.
The mobility and lightness of the bracelet are the challenges we overcome.
Each Ruby is perfectly calibrated. The D-
This diamond styling and Art Deco design makes it worth a try at the red carpet event.
This bracelet fits well with the formal Western style.
The lean and sexy shape of the earrings is inspired by the "French curve", which makes it very feminine and allows a lot of movement, which is the key to its design.
The necklace was inspired by the family biography heir of HH Yeshwant holholkar's "Pearl Indore.
I did it for his granddaughter, Princess Sabrina Holka.
Ellis, as an anniversary gift for her husband.
The work embodies elegance and style.
Whether it's a wedding, an official party or a black one, it's perfect for most occasionstie affair.
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