the rite of rizik's - rose gold fashion earrings

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the rite of rizik\'s  -  rose gold fashion earrings
Close your eyes at rizik and you will hear the ladies. Their glass-
Pearl Necklace
Click like a wind bell on their chain and halfglasses.
Their polished nails hit the shell of the glass fitting. Their well-
Filamos walked carefully through the salon.
Playing around them is a pipe. in music, jing-
Make a low jangly tune, like the sound of the trinkets falling on the felt.
Almost no extrusion. . . squeeeh . . .
The extrusion of the hanger moving on the shelf.
"It's very private," said Miss renee, sitting in a small house.
Front office beige salon.
"If two people know each other are shopping, they don't have to know each other in the locker room next door.
Nothing they buy will be revealed to anyone.
"The ladies of Rizik's wander.
It seems that customers and salespersons can almost swap-
Small ponytail, finger fold ring, clumsy gold earrings, soft sound.
Three friends walked into the store together. There's a just-dropped-in feeling.
All women were thin and handsome in their sixties.
They gathered here and there, almost as if they were a conspiracy.
They call each other "dear ".
"It's unlikely that one of them will ever change the puncture or go through the sweat pants.
Read a magazine.
One is chatting with a saleswoman.
One came out of the dressing room in Kelly's clothes. green pants.
She ran brown hands down her body. Uhm.
These are great now.
The bride walks beside her.
She crossed the front door and was attracted by the Big Three --way mirror.
She's completely finished. Petticoats. Veil. Summer tan.
She went through a curved yellow crack. Glazed furniture.
She floated over marble --
Top table for daily women's wear and King Lear women's wear.
She was blown by a bowl of flowers.
The saleswoman of Rizik hovers around her, and she takes care of her gently as if she were a garden. Ohhhhh, mmmyyy.
They pulled her skirt.
They stand back.
Oh, well, well.
She turned her silhouette to the mirror and looked at the fluff of the veil.
Watch the bride walk through the parade and watch it all-
Some of them are fourth.
Rizik generation of customers-
Is it Miss renee and miss Maxine? spoken, mocha-
The family has 80 years of hair sisters in the Washington clothing store.
It might say "Rizik brothers"
"On the outside sign, but don't make a mistake: it's the Rizik sisters who host the show.
The way clothing was shipped in the past fall has arrived at Rizik, but ohso-discreetly.
A shelf can hardly be seen.
Yes, there is $730 for the Giorgio Armani wool jacket and $165 for Gloria Sachs wool.
The knit skirt is hidden in the sportswear niche.
Yes, there are a few dresses on the wall from Oscar de la lunta and Adele Simpson.
Yes, there are a few mannequins in the shop windows around the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Northwest N Street wearing Louis Ferroud and Carolyne Roehm.
But, of all the items, 90% of the fall costumes are hidden from sight.
In a big closet--
Mysterious storage room-
The clothes are wrapped individually in plastic and organized by size and season.
It takes two hours to complete the inventory every morning.
The floor of the warehouse is cleaned every other day. And no one --
No one except members of the Rizik family and 12 salespersons--
Allowed into the warehouse.
Because when you shop at the Rizik store, you sit down and shop.
For a young woman accustomed to creaking on the shelves, blowing boutiques like a hurricane, Rizik's sales speed ---
A considerable income of $4 million a year-
Seems close to aging
But before the big shopping malls rise from the developer's dream, it was the way clothes were sold in the past.
Before mass marketing and modern.
Before department stores and smaller mall stores get the same, they offer as many surprises as the Allmark card store.
Miss Maxine gave the impression that a woman first walked into Rizik from the street.
She turned her head from one wall to the other and moved her huge brown eyes around like Betty Bo.
She glanced in horror.
"There is always a problem on their faces," she said . "
"We tried to say hello, but we still ignored them.
"Most of Rizik's regulars make an appointment before they walk in and prepare for a purchase.
A regular customer will call her favorite salesgirl.
I need something new urgently. A suit. Something gray. No collar . . .
You know my style.
When she appeared in the store, her salesman (
Or miss Maxine, or Miss renee, because the staff called the Sisters)
I picked some from the storage room and hung them in the locker room for approval.
Customers and sales staff spent the morning at their own pace-
Or no matter how long it takes-together.
They sit in a comfortable love seat in one of the six big locker rooms (
"We used to have phones here, but we took them out five years ago," said Miss Maxine . ".
Too distracting. ").
They put the whole outfit together.
They pick the right accessories.
They may look at some underwear.
Salespersons often sneak out their clothes.
Enter the room door of the storage room and come back with more clothes.
Ruby Stewart is welcome once a decision is made.
She is a head fitter and has worked in Rizik for 37 years.
She showed up with pins and chalk from behind the thick curtains in the dressing room, and her tape measure hung around her neck. Mrs.
Stewart, who will be 6 years old in September 7, has white hair, cottony, and she cuts her side with a velvet bow.
"It has to be very suitable," said a long-time client when it comes to the lady . "
Stewart, "otherwise she won't let you leave her hand.
"We spend as much time with people as they need," said Miss Renee . ".
"They can have coffee in the morning and stay for lunch if they are weak.
You can only stand up for such a long time, measured by things like hems.
"Lady's clothes.
Stewart carefully spent the next week in Rizik's refitting room, where 25 tailors were working --time (
Even on clothes purchased elsewhere)
In front of the old black sewing machine, there are clothes and dummies around the 4 th to 22 th.
These forms are used to change clothes without the need for customers to be present-
Therefore, customers can shop without walking into the store.
Upon completion, the driver of Rizik tied up the new clothes and delivered them.
Before cars became popular, Rizik began riding bicycles.
These days, the delivery was done by a driver who had been working for so long in a store, who knew where the customer put the house key and how to keep the parcel safely in the garage.
Sales sister maxine rizik tanous is quiet.
She is a more serious sister, 60 years old this year, three years older than Rene'e.
She had firm eyebrows and an almost harsh expression.
Miss Maxine is in charge of this serious dress. -
Fur, evening dresses, bridal and designer suits and costumes such as female labels such as Oscar de la lunta, Louis Fei laud, Karolin Rong M, Hanae Mori, etc.
At first, it seemed that she did not give in at all. (
"My sister Maxine is very strong --
"Willful woman," said brother Mike rizick, who runs the store until 1984.
"She got a lot. ")
But she is the sun when she likes you.
"She put the store together, dear . "
Stewart smiled generously.
Miss Maxine is a charming person.
She listened to your question.
Every dress miss Maxine wears-
From her frameless glasses to her tan shirt-
Cute in a neutral, non-show-off way.
She did not want to stand up;
She wants to be tasteful.
It is in line with the long-lasting store policy and it seems to be: nothing gorgeous and nothing too trendy.
"Riziks are very shy people," said Janet Spakman, client director at Demaine Vickers & Associates, an advertising and PR company recently hired by Rizik.
"It's hard to get them to agree with the story," said Spackman . ".
Miss Maksin is not sure if she needs any publicity.
Without it, Rizik has lived for 80 years.
Miss Renee explained the family's hesitation.
"It's not showing off.
This is what we were told when we were young. -
Very elegant and laid back-back.
Our clients appreciate that they can have your confidence and will not list it in the newspaper.
"Renee Rizik Kalil is a more outgoing and social sister.
She will deal with easy-going clothes and interesting things. -
Sportswear and underwear for Mary Ann retivo, Gloria Sachs and George Armani. (
"I just think the sportswear is younger and more avant-garde," said Miss Renee . ". ")
Like Miss Maxine, she's super
Women and trim.
Her nails are long and perfect, and the long golden chain rings around her neck continue to work.
She adjusted her clumsy gold earrings with a small finger.
She has white teeth, straight poses, and dark brown eyes that seem to run in the family.
Sisters worked in the store since childhood--
All the Rizik brothers and sisters did so.
But since Mike Rizik retired, Miss Maxine and Miss renee have taken control of the place.
They said they got along well, but the people on the sidelines observed that the Rizik sisters were barely separated.
They also said that Miss Maxine was the one who was really responsible.
Just like they split the goods. -
Maybe to avoid the CUCs--
They separated the shop window and changed it every three weeks.
"I work with Maxine on one set of windows, and the other one is Rene'e," said John kisser, who has designed the window design for Rizik for four years.
His windows are alternative and quirky compared to the store. (
Miss Maxine said: "Just like a fashion show, your window has to be exaggerated. ")
He made a mannequin in a jersey, with a lampshade on his head, a mannequin with a pillowcase on his head, boxing gloves and Armani suits. Twice a year --
January and June-
The brides took over everything completely.
"Maxine likes it when the window is crazy," Kiser said . ".
"But she was a little afraid of moving in the wrong direction.
She does not want to offend her customers.
But the oldest woman-
Who do I think will complain? -
They are the people who love them most.
"The founding brothers are now such a lady's place and it's hard to imagine what Rizik would look like when the founding brothers were in power.
"The mother has never worked for a day in her life," said Miss renee.
"I only went into the store to buy clothes.
My father picked all of them for her.
Rizik's are Joseph and. M.
Rizik, at the turn of the century and their wife came to Washington from Lebanon.
They only have a little banking experience and are interested in selling goods, starting to import lace from France and Italy and selling it to a Washington tailor.
By 1908, they had saved up enough to open a three.
The story women's clothing store on Northwest F Street is the only place to sell to the "carriage trade.
"Soon, they began to cash in the money they had prepared --to-
Wear clothes from New York.
Joseph had no children. But A. M.
His wife, solaya, has seven people.
The eldest son, Mike Rizik, was only 10 when he moved from F Street, but he remembered that the store was gorgeous ---
Marble pillars, display cabinets of cherry wood.
His father and uncle Joseph went to work in a corset.
"The driver was waiting outside," said Mike, "when their ladies went in and tried something for the party.
"This is a shop where the cabinet wife and the first lady shop and it's very rushed ---and still is --
At the time of the inauguration, Rizik's seamstress always worked late, and on weekends, they took out dozens of dresses.
Thelma DeYoung remembers the F Street store.
At the age of 90, DeYoung has been a customer of Rizik for more than 55 years.
She never shops anywhere else.
In her 20 s, she and her husband owned DeYoung's shoe store across the street from Rizik.
DeYoung recalled that she would go shopping in the afternoon.
"But Riziks will show my husband everything across the street before I buy it," DeYoung said of the brothers.
"It's a problem," she added, "because I never wanted him to know the price.
And Rizik's have always been expensive.
"DeYoung followed the store in 1933, whether expensive or not, from F Street to the first Connecticut Avenue address across from the Mayflower Hotel.
There, Rizik's has a large fountain in the middle of the sales area with goldfish inside.
The place where seven Rizik children work is the first Connecticut Avenue store.
Working days are spent in private schools, but Saturday is a study of the clothing business.
"We are not allowed to just sit around the house, country club and stuff like that," said Miss Renee . ".
Every Saturday, she says, she starts from her family home on Woodlands Avenue in the highlands of Massachusetts, "do whatever it takes ---
Learn inventory, look at information, fold goods, hang up.
"Mike Rizik thinks his future is not the retail industry.
In 1948, holy.
Ben, Lawrence Ville, Amherst, and the Navy, Mike thought about a "charming" job at the State Department, but his father convinced him.
Despite 36 years in the family store-
30 years of operation it--
Mike said he had never been involved.
"I have more or less tolerated this situation," he said . ".
Under the guidance of Mike, Rizik danced for a while in the 20 th century.
It moved to its current location, at 8,000 square feet, 1260 Connecticut Avenue. NW, a '60s-
Modern space with recessed lights and niches.
The window of the shop was designed to look like a window in New York's Bergdorf Goodman, which incorporated fashion into the otherwise dull corner of the city.
Although mikerizik is popular with customers-
DeYoung remembers that he always gives her flowers when she gets sick. -
"All my old male friends will come in and buy clothes for their wives and girlfriends, which is lonely," Mike said, except for Christmas . ".
"On Monday morning, you want to talk to another person about yesterday's football match or that war," he said . ".
"The ladies there are not interested in this kind of thing.
"He retired at the age of 61 and left the store to his sisters who had been working for him.
Of the 14 Rizik grandchildren, only one was interested in the store.
Denyse Rizik Malouf's son, Henry Malouf, started working in the store after graduating from Villanova.
Henry, 24, is the general manager and specializes in the purchase of fur, coats and suits.
Henry said he wanted his uncle Mike to still work there.
"Just to keep another person around," he said with a smile . ".
"I mean, men are really different from women.
"Country club if the store looks a bit like a country club, it may be because only 20% of Rizik's customers are made up of professional women.
But the number is still growing.
"It changed the item a little," said Miss Renee . ".
"The clothes you wear at lunch or cocktail parties are definitely different from the ones you wear at business meetings.
But young professional women-
A team at Rizik wanted to train--
Get used to different ways of shopping.
Shopping for them is a process of continuous editing and elimination.
No, no. Maybe.
No, no. Yes.
Ms. Maxine said that working women "are unlikely to know what they want before they see it.
"Young women also have a hard time believing in other people's tastes when choosing clothes.
They asked to see the warehouse.
They want to see all the options (
At Rizik, they can't).
At the same time, Miss Maksin found young women very sensible and easy to buy.
"They won't spend their money on unrealistic things," she said . "
They buy good quality. "Rizik's old-
The old-fashioned way of selling is only part of the problem of the image of young customers, they think this is a Affordable, Super
Conservative clothes
A place where mom can shop
Lisa Jobe, 28, said: "In the office they make me sadyear-
The old staff assistant at Vice President Bush's office has been shopping at Rizik since she moved here from California six years ago.
"They think it's a snobbish, expensive shop, but that's not the case.
If you say I just want to buy a dress for $100 or $200 they will have something.
"Miss Maxine and Miss Rene'e won't mind Lisa Jobes more.
They don't mind more busy young professional women who feel they don't have time to sort out the Department for miles --store racks.
They wouldn't mind more young women buying a lot twice a year.
They don't mind teaching dozens of young women how to re-shop. -
What their grandmother might have done.
They won't mind.
But at the same time, Miss Maksin and Miss René have little influence on modern society.
Forget the fashion video.
Forget the white walls and Chrome.
Forget to go to the mall.
They can't hear it.
While Miss Maxine claims that the clothes in the store are getting "younger", she will not consider taking them out of the storage room.
Miss Rene' e agreed.
"That's what everyone else does.
It's not very appealing, every single item in the store is available, and everything from floor to ceiling is packed.
It's so confusing, "she said. "Ten skirts --
Same color, same style.
They could be $600 per person and hang there.
I will be turned off if I am a customer.
You have to help yourself. . .
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