the story behind an iconic stone, earrings that marked a new start and how she gave stuffy heirlooms a new lease of life: diana's sensational sapphires (that kate adores) - gold pendant and earring set

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the story behind an iconic stone, earrings that marked a new start and how she gave stuffy heirlooms a new lease of life: diana\'s sensational sapphires (that kate adores)  -  gold pendant and earring set
Of all the beautiful jewels she has, Sapphire will always be associated with Diana, Princess of Wales --
Especially because of her charming engagement ring, which now sparkles in her daughter's hands --in-
The Duchess of Cambridge.
But Diana's sapphire collection is much more eclectic and interesting than people usually think.
From a set of sapphire for wedding guests she had never seen before to a brooch she turned into a necklace, and the necklace she decided to wear on her head, every piece of her work has a fascinating story, reveal a lot about the princess.
The history of the legendary empire and sapphire is intertwined, nothing more than the history of the British Empire, and many battles for the precious blue gem vault are underway.
Really, Sapphire.
Even today, the inlaid crown, scepter, sphere, sword and ring remain an important part of the crown jewelry --
And the collection of personal jewelry by many royal ladies.
Royal love, which is said to symbolize love and pure gems, dates back to 1840, when Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a diamond and sapphire brooch in honor of their wedding, the Queen wrote in her private diary: "My dear Albert has such a good taste.
Queen Elizabeth II inherited the brooch when she landed on the throne in 1952 and added it to her own large Sapphire Reserve, including her father's set of display suites, A brooch given to her by her mother and her favorite Cartier flower spray pin with light blue sapphire and ruby inside, she received the letter from her parents on 1945.
At the same time, Diana likes the blue stones because they match her eyes.
She never had a sapphire turned into a dazzling gem with more than any other gem.
Here, for the first time in history, we reveal the secrets behind the sapphire she shows. . .
The wedding gifts of guests she has never seen, perhaps her brightest sapphire and diamond, are the wedding gifts of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia --
The necklace shown above is Diana's only diamond necklace (
The rest are on loan)
And the most gorgeous of her 12,000 wedding gifts.
The suite, made by Asprey, includes a giant Burmese sapphire pendant set on the jagged edge of the diamond and hung on a thin diamond tennis necklace;
Earrings and bracelets, sapphire-
Inlaid watch with seven Oval straps
A sapphire inlaid in the shape of a diamond cluster.
Diana was wearing all parts of the suite alone and in combination.
Jewelry in a green peacock coffin engraved with golden palm trees and cross swords (
National flag of Saudi Arabia)set with gem-
There are inlaid leaves and inlaid butterflies in every corner.
When the Princess saw these beautiful gems for the first time, people said she was completely overwhelmed and marveled, "My God!
I don't even know this person!
Kate remade the earrings.
Saudi Arabian sapphire surrounded by ten round diamonds
To be Diana's favorite dress was worn when Prince Harry was born in 1984.
They are believed to have come from the watch strap that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia gave her as a wedding gift, which is recognizable due to the rare face sapphire.
The pair originally had four sapphire and diamond.
Two of them are removable pendants
But Diana prefers earrings without Sapphire.
The earrings were one of Diana's legacy to her son.
Shortly after their engagement in 2010, Prince William handed them over to Kate, who gave them a turning point in a declining style.
The story behind Diana's iconic stone is undoubtedly Diana's sapphire --
Second only to her engagement ringwas the eye-catching seven-
A glittering diamond necklace
Its center is surrounded by blue stone heads.
On 1985, on the 21st birthday of her brother Lord Althorpe, central Sapphire was called the "necklace that shocked the world" at Spencer Tower in London, and actually started living as a brooch, A gift from the Queen's mother to the Princess in memory of her engagement.
The giant oval stone, which originated in Sri Lanka, took a quarterly share of global sapphire sales and may even have been mined from the same location as the stone on Diana's engagement ring.
The high gloss of strong blue and precious stones makes Sri Lankan sapphire very unique-
Most popular
After the World
The brooch is Diana's favorite jewellery style.
She thought they were old.
Old-fashioned and aging, so she only wore it twice, and most memorable, at the royal banquet at Hampton Court, hosted by the Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrice, on 1982, she decorated it
Earlier the next year, Diana transformed it.
Probably with the help of the Spencer family jeweler Collingwood. into a choker.
The oval stone embedded in seven strings of sparkling pearls became one of her most iconic jewels, and she continued to wear them even after divorce, often paired with sapphire or pearl earrings.
It's not a coincidence, it's the dress she chose to wear with the infamous "revenge costume" in the form --
Christina Stambolian made her debut at the summer party at the snake gallery on June 1994, and that night, Prince Charles admitted his infidelity on television.
In January 1995, Diana made a 24-
An hour trip to Lincoln Center, New York, presented the Fashion Awards to her friend, Liz Tiberis, editor of fashion bazaar.
It may be a tip-off trip, but Diana did not do well in fashion.
Dressed in a stylish midnight blue Catherine Walker gown, her hair is combed back by the "duck back" and she completes her new image with eye-catching sapphire and diamond earrings.
Their source is unknown, but after she separated from Charles, they were considered gifts for members of the Spencer family.
Both Sapphire are surrounded by Diamond "petals" with a diamond on the chain made of pink "Angel skin" coral.
The stones are "cabochon", which means they have been polished but have not been engraved, offering a softer, less reflective finish.
Diana loves to wear black, which really highlights the beauty of the blue stone --
In the summer of 1995, she persuaded opera singer Pavarotti to sing at a charity fundraising concert in Cardiff.
To celebrate her 33 th birthday, she also chose to wear them for a stylish cover shoot.
Diana is relaxed and confident, and in a strong portrait taken by her favorite photographer, Patrick de maschernier, she actively shines from the cover of 1994.
Amazing bracelet from suitor Dodi?
On September 1996, Diana presented a new sapphire bracelet at a dinner party in Washington.
8 Oval bracelets
The shape sapphire surrounded by flashing diamonds could be a gift for Dodi Fayed, now
The divorced Princess is getting closer and closer.
However, their relationship did not officially begin until July.
On Diana's other wrist, wearing the sapphire bracelet she received as a wedding gift for Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, as well as the same set of Sunshine diamonds and sapphire earrings, set off perfectly by her white, beautifully beading dress.
Although she is the envy of many women in the UK, how she made her engagement ring safe for baby Williams --
And several royal brides-
Diana's sapphire engagement spark is not at all suitable for a noisy baby. The 12-
Carat sapphire and its diamonds surround the sharp, pointed edges, making it impractical for its opponents
The new mother is worried that she will scratch young William.
On December 1982, when the Prince was six months old, Diana took an official photo with Charles at Kensington Palace and she replaced the ring with a stand-up --in —
Polished sapphire boss with round edges-
This is different from the original but keen observer (
And photographers, she asked them not to zoom too close).
She paired it with a beautiful necklace made by jeweler Collingwood, consisting of cultured pearls inlaid with diamonds, which Charles gave her as a memorial to William's birth"
Exchange rings for the Princess to play freely with her chubby child
The young prince was cheeky, screaming happily, holding him up in the air --
Like any other proud mother.
Although she has never worn it again in public, the gem is likely to have become a convenient alternative for private occasions.
How the Princess gave her a new life to heir
She became a headband. Another piece made of reset sapphire in Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince's suite is a stylish midnight blue velvet necklace.
The oval sapphire comes from the ring and the Diamond Sun frame around it comes from the watch. A three-
Deep little diamond chains were added on both sides, running half the way along velvet.
Although she had enough diamonds and sapphire to run the gems on the back of the necklace, Diana decided to focus on the huge blue stone on the front.
This piece is only supported by Velcro, which, while not quite safe, makes it easy for the Princess to turn it on and off.
She has been wearing this short necklace for more than a decade, for the first time at the young pianist competition in Newport, Wales in 1985 (above left)
This is the last concert of the famous opera singer Pavarotti in 1995.
At 1986, she wore a necklace as a headband (above right)
At a state dinner hosted by the Emperor of Japan, it is accompanied by a sapphire blue elegant dress and matching earrings.
Diana's love for the mismatched earrings, undisguised to express her personality through her jewelry --
This quirky mismatch earring is a perfect example.
Diana owns the pair of earrings, including an unusual round earring --
Two gems: Ruby and Sapphire, the shape gem attached to the pearl drop.
She is considered to have been acquired on many international tours in her 80 s.
On 1992, during her official visit to Seoul, South Korea, she decided to mix and match --
She has ruby earrings on her right ear and sapphire on her left.
Maybe she packed one of each color by mistake.
Or more likely
From the flash in her eyes
The naughty princess is making a fashion statement. Her avant-
In 1986, when she wore a red glove and a black glove to match her flamenco, garde earrings reflected how she looked when she was at the Copa America dance in London
The fashionable dress makes the onlookers confused. One necklace -
Two bright brides like to decorate the changes with her jewelry, and the two bracelets are made from an unusual tassel necklace.
Alternating Square Necklace
Diamond and sapphire made their debut at a banquet at the Dorchester Hotel on 1985.
The asymmetrical tassels fall and the Princess likes the necklace to fit on her shoulder and wear it around her neck like her trademark choice.
Cleverly, the falling part of the necklace and the necklace part can be separated and divided into two sapphire-
Inlaid bracelet.
On 1994, the Princess wore this dress at a concert at the Palace of Versailles, paired with a half-body green and black dress from Catherine Walker.
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