the summer's hottest necklace and graff's art-inspired designs; the latest jewellery news - white gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-29
the summer\'s hottest necklace and graff\'s art-inspired designs; the latest jewellery news  -  white gold necklace and earring set
Chokers, Rivière necklaces, a string of pearls: they all have their own place in the jewelry field, but none of them have the same summer feel as the new sautoirs. These extra-
Long chains, topped with a single pendant or tassel, or interspersed with gems on their length --
Setting charm is everything their short opponents don't have: Unlimited, moving, diving and looping, sliding and rocking.
They wore the front for a long time, drew attention to the edges, or in order to make the most of the Open
The clothes lined with their backs sparkled on the bare shoulders.
Hard stones like peacock Stone, pink opal, agate and lapis lazuli are the most popular
For the minerals of De Beers, Van Gogh and Cartier, the New York brand Foundrae uses brightly colored enamel to contrast with gold and diamonds.
At Jessica McCormack, it's all about her new ball and chain series for 18ct rose --
The Golden Ball is connected in series with a black platinum ring with an oversized marquise diamond on the top that swings when you support. Go long!
Nowadays, serious art goes hand in hand with serious diamonds, and one of the lovers is often the other.
Thus, Lawrence Graff, Jorge, whose company of the same name is synonymous with many of the world's most outstanding diamonds, is a prolific art collector, especially the 20 th century revolutionarycentury art;
It was the work of Cy Twombly, the misunderstood master of that time, that inspired a new collection.
Draw on graffiti
Like the graffiti of the late artist, the river of diamonds seems to be choppy on necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings-sometimes dotted with the same red color as Twombly's Bacchus collection of paintings
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