the times shopper: tokyo : go to the source when buying high-quality japanese pearls - gold pendant and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-28
the times shopper: tokyo : go to the source when buying high-quality japanese pearls  -  gold pendant and earring set
For centuries, the magical luster of pearls has been the source of mystery and the theme of legends.
The ancients thought they were the tears of the mermaid, or the dew of the oysters that swam to the sea.
At the turn of the century, Mikimoto Koichi, a Japanese entrepreneur, discovered how to cultivate beautifully shaped pearls.
Today, Pearl planting is a major industry in Japan.
But even modern technology knows
How to eliminate some mystery from the production of pearls, the luster and beauty of these gems attract shoppers.
Thanks to Mikimoto, pearls usually see beautiful mermaid Teardropsloving public.
The string of pearls, delicate brooch or elegant earrings are the most popular souvenirs in Japan.
Mikimoto's company is still the largest and most influential pearl producer in Japan.
However, Taki Pearl and other respected pearl growers have challenged Mikimoto's dominance and increased competition in pearl production, marketing and jewelry design.
Unfortunately, the high value of the yen means a rise in the price of Japanese pearls around the world.
But if you buy these treasures from their source, you will pay less.
Even if the yen is soaring, high prices will rise.
The quality of Japanese pearls is lower than that of the United States.
The Japanese government is very strict with pearl sales.
Even naive shoppers are safe to buy pearls in Japan, especially if they buy them from reputable stores.
The staff of Mikimoto and Tasaki all have extensive inventory and convenient branches in Tokyo
Talking salesman
Both companies provide high tax rebates (about 13%)
In terms of export procurement, if the amount exceeds $360S.
However, there is no tax refund for loose pearls. Mikimoto (4-chome, Chuo-
Ku, with branches in Imperial and grand warehouse hotels and boutiques in leading department stores)
The price has gone up. A single six-
Mm pearl, good round, good quality, about $45. A 16-
Four-inch string-
MM-grade Pearl, well matched, rounded, priced at about $400 or more; a 16-
Six-inch string-
MM-grade pearls of the same quality are priced at about $900 and above.
In addition, the brooch and pendant traditionally designed by Mikimoto are inlaid with pearls in silver or gold: The Pearl circle pin costs about $80 or more;
The heart of the pearl hanging in the center is about $50 silver or $100 gold;
The beautiful floral design costs about $120 and more.
Earrings from simple pearl dots (
More than $40 depending on size)
Luxury and expensive clusters of pearls and diamonds. Tasaki Pearl (
Pearl Tower 79-18 Ginza, Chuo-ku; 1-3-
3 minban, port area-
Ku and branch of New Valley, Empire and Keio Plaza Hotel)
Although not so famous, but the quality of the Pearl is very good, the price is also very competitive.
Comparison: single six-
The quality, full-sized mm-grade Pearl costs about $40. A 16-
Seven-inch string-
The MM-grade Pearl is well matched and round at a price of over $600.
You can choose an 18.
Karat gold clasp is removed from the tray filled with samples and is attached to your pearl for a service fee of $80.
More sophisticated buckles cost $250 to $2,500.
Big heart-
Shape mabe pearl for $300 and above, 18-
Karat gold umbrella needles and Pearl rain spots are about $250.
Both sanyue and other excellent department stores have Mikimoto and Tasaki jewelry, as well as their own designs in the considerable Pearl sector.
They often sell goods, including 16.
Medium-inch string
Quality pearls over $275. But top-
Good quality items are as expensive as Mikimoto and Tasaki and may be less diverse.
Reasonable pricing of dealers in the Oriental Market (5-9-
13 Shibuya Jingmei-ku)
It is also a good source of attractive and reasonably priced gadgets. Mori Silver (second floor)
This is a good store with novel design.
But these middle
The price store did not find better quality pearls in Mikimoto and Tasaki.
You should start your pearl treasure hunt before landing in Tokyo.
View Japan Airlines-
The flight store buys exquisite Mikimoto parts for an exceptional price. The 18-
Karat gold pearl and diamond pendant and pearl earrings set 18-
Karat gold boomerangs sells for about $240 each.
Other pearl jewelry designed for JAL by Maruwa includes 18-
Karat gold bracelet, 8 pearls for about $120, and a range of earrings.
Pearls are only available on Trans-Pacific flights.
Of course, the quality of pearls varies greatly.
Like other big companies.
Ticket items, it is your responsibility to understand the product before you buy it.
Here are some basic guidelines: First, make sure that the pearl is true by checking the surface around the hole used for threading or inlay.
On the real pearl, the surface around the hole is smooth and you can see a layer of Pearl.
Fake pearls are coated and often crumpled around the holes.
Or rub carefully on your teeth with pearls.
The real pearl has the feeling of Perseverance
The fake pearl is smooth.
Pearl pricing according to size (
The average pearl string is four to 7mm), shape (
The most expensive is the perfect round pearl;
Roll pearls in the mirror-
They are nearby if they go straight)
Surface quality (
Reduce the value of scratches or blisters), luster (
This is the best judgment compared to other pearls)and nacre (
The thickness of the layer covering the kernel).
Why is it five years expensive to raise pearls?
The breeding process is simple, but requires skilled operation and careful cultivation and supervision of "mother" oysters for about 5 years.
When the mother was 2 years old, a small oyster shell was inserted into the mother and a living tissue of another oyster.
Mothers can reject this irritating foreign thing, or, if culture works, begin to form pearls by using tissue blocks inserted next to the nucleus to secrete substances that surround the nucleus, the first layer of pearl formed.
The process was repeated for two or three years.
The number of layers, quality and size of the pearls depends on the stability of the mother at the appropriate temperature and nutrition.
It's tricky to keep the right conditions, especially when you face the season and the raging sea. Heart-
The shape of the Pearl depends on the shape of the nucleus.
Most cores are round.
Recently, heart-shaped and other shapes have been used, especially mabe or baroque pearls, which were cultivated in another oyster species with the core placed on the inside of the mother's shell.
Pearls naturally exist in white, pink, gold, blue, dark gray and other shades.
The color is not yet controlled by the growers.
Shades pop as the season changes, so choose colors that complement your skin tone and wardrobe.
Make sure your pearls are colored
Matches the dye and is not "enhanced ".
You may prefer to buy loose pearls as the tariff for loose pearls is 2.
1%, continuous string of pearls (without clasp)11%.
The tariff on gold buckles or gold-inlaid pearl strings is 11% or 6.
5%, it depends on whether the greater value of the jewelry comes from pearls or gold.
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