theresa may dazzled irish pm with statement jewellery as they discussed brexit border issue - ring and bracelet set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-26
theresa may dazzled irish pm with statement jewellery as they discussed brexit border issue  -  ring and bracelet set
Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday dazzled the Irish prime minister with all her splendor-perhaps hoping to put him in a fight between the two over Britain's exit from the EU border
She wore jewellery with heavy silver necklaces and bracelets, gold rings and watches.
Decorate her dark suit with her signature eyes
Designer shoes
Irish Prime Minister Leo valradkar arrived on the 10 th and vowed to push Mei to discuss the "details" of her plan to border with the rest of the UK, which will effectively become a gateway to Europe.
But he left the meeting, acknowledging that it was impossible "at this stage" to confirm that progress had been made on the issue.
Brexit's double boost to Theresa May comes as David Davis and Michelle Barnier kick-start the fourth round of talks in Brussels.
After meeting Theresa May today, Leo Varadkar sounded more optimistic that Brexit negotiations could move forward into the next phase by the end of October.
He suggested that when he left Downing Street, EU leaders would agree to start trade negotiations at the next meeting --
As long as Britain withdraws from the European Union, Barnier agrees.
Mr. Varadkar said: "I think there has not been enough progress at this stage, but, by the end of October, when we meet in Brussels, it is likely to be possible.
"Of course, the report that Michelle Barnier will submit to the prime minister and the report that the European Parliament will submit will be very instructive for us.
He praised the government for excluding the hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, but urged ministers to "be more specific" about how the border would operate ".
Mr. Varadkar had previously been more pessimistic about the progress of the negotiations and suggested that it was too early to start negotiating our trade agreement in October.
The new U. S. ambassador to the UK has urged European leaders to reach a good deal with the UK because we are their "best customers ".
Woody Johnson said Britain's exit from the EU was the right decision and noted that both the EU and the UK would benefit from freedomtrade deal.
He told the Daily Telegraph: "I'm sure the British people will make the right decision and I feel comfortable that you made the right decision.
"The UK is a big customer in Europe.
This is one of the best customers and you need to treat your customers right.
Once you have overcome all the emotions, it is very logical.
Davis said in a meeting with Barnier this evening that he vowed to continue the technical work, which will lay the foundation for our future agreement with the EU.
"We are making concrete proposals and there is no excuse to hinder progress," he said.
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