tiffany & co's 'everyday objects' line confuses people with $9,000 ball of yarn - sterling silver necklace and earring sets

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-29
tiffany & co\'s \'everyday objects\' line confuses people with $9,000 ball of yarn  -  sterling silver necklace and earring sets
Luxury brands Tiffany Limited
Just released a luxury home accessories collection, which has attracted some attention on social media.
Famous retailer, once with its high
After a dismal profit was announced earlier this year, end jewelry has been trying to reverse the business. Their answer?
New updated design of home and accessories series.
The new daily items should revitalize Tiffany's brand because "beautiful things should not just live in drawers. ”Obviously.
Unpaid ZARA factory workers hide shopper's notes in the clothing collection, which features "everyday household items handmade in sterling silver, enamel and wood, designed to "upgrade traditional office supplies and accessories to work of art and become your favorite work every day.
But, as Twitter and Instagram users point out, the prices of these most popular items are very expensive.
One of the most expensive items, in particular, is the $9,000 worth of yarn balls.
The website said that the "re-imagined" yarn ball is made of "hand-spun textured sterling silver, presenting ordinary extraordinary ".
However, limited edition works-one of only five handmade works in New York-are not suitable for use.
So, there will be no silver scarf this winter.
The series does have more useful products like a set of two $95 paper cups that are actually made from Tiffany's iconic blue bone porcelain.
Follow the lifestyle of our Fox NEWSThere on FACEBOOK as well as $1,500 sterling silver coffee, a $375 American walnut, silver ice cream spoon, and a $425 protractor.
This line provides more items for young people or young people. at-
Heart, like a $250 crazy straw-with sterling silver, rose vermeil and vermeil-and a $1,500 set of ten Lego toys --
Type blocks and "numbers and letters made of silver and walnut . . . . . . It is a unique and interesting table accessory.
"There are indeed more than 60 projects in the whole series, which may make it difficult for real Tiffany's enthusiastic people to decide which family is indispensable to their lives.
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