tiffany engagement ring setting stands the test of time - ring and bracelet set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-26
tiffany engagement ring setting stands the test of time  -  ring and bracelet set
While the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and even Greeks created the first engagement ring, the history of modern memorabilia can actually be traced back to a much closer era and attributed to a brand that continues to lead the jewelry bag: tiffany & Co.
"Our design philosophy is to stand the test of time," Wendy EGEN, group vice president
President of Tiffany CompanyCanada says.
"We are the authority of design.
You can go to other jewelers and not see all kinds of designs we have. ”The New York-
The US-based company launched its current product in 1886, causing a stir in the engagement industry.
Iconic Tiffany background.
In a ring previously made in the shape of a baffle, the diamond is placed inside the strap to form a flat surface, and Tiffany is designed to place the stone above the strap and place it on the front and center.
"Tiffany's background has six spires, so the diamond itself is taken out of the band, so the focus is on the stone," Egan explains . ".
"The setting allows the light to pass through the stone in the most beautiful way.
"Tiffany's settings have never been modified in 127 --
The existence of the year continues, to today, to become the best-selling engagement of international jewelers-ring design.
Before the company launched another revolutionary design, the original scene lasted for 113: Lucida.
Lucida is the brightest star in the constellation and it is specially cut to maximize the brightness of the stone.
Since then, patent design has become one of the best-selling products of the brand.
Tiffany & Co since Lucida was launched in 1999.
There have been about 10 new rings sold directly to engagement ring shoppers, but almost every ring offered by the company can be considered an engagement ring --
According to Eagan, the conditions are met.
"It's a bit endless about the ring design and how they're used in engagement," she said . ".
Round diamonds have historically been the company's best-selling products, and some of the most popular designs have a wide variety of products, such as diamonds under the handle, diamonds around the bezel or bezel
"We 've been doing classic settings for diamonds of different shapes," iGen quoted Jade as saying . "cut, pear-
Shape and heart
Diamonds are the most outstanding alternative ever.
Popular round cut.
While traditional diamonds are widely regarded as the most popular gem for engagement rings, Gen has witnessed the revival of colored gems due to the royal wedding.
"We always have.
Even before Mrs. Diana had worn a sapphire with white diamonds, others had worn it . "
"But when you see a fashion idol dressed like (
Diana and now Duchess of Cambridge)
Ring, it does stimulate interest in this design.
Igen attributed the longevity of the blue stone to its "dramatic" color and lasting look. Three-
Stone ring, gem ring with Diamond on both sides, gem-and diamond-
Alternating band rings have always been a very popular style in history.
Continue to attract the attention of buyers today.
"I think any one of them will stand the test of time," Egan said . ".
But at the end of the day, Egan was too hesitant to put the shopper's preferences in Tiffany's blue box.
While settings and stones may change, the emotion behind the ring remains the same, she said.
"I think this is the ultimate symbol of love.
This is the ultimate symbol of commitment, "said Egan.
"This is something that has never changed.
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