top indian designers: 8 fierce leaders in the fashion industry - indian fashion jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-13
top indian designers: 8 fierce leaders in the fashion industry  -  indian fashion jewelry
When most people in North America think of top fashion brands, the names that might come to mind are Valentino, Chanel and Prada.
But millions of people on the other side of the Atlantic think of Manitoba Malhotra, sabasage and massaba.
These are just some of the top Indian designers, and their luxurious and gorgeous costumes have been sought after by South Asians around the world.
These fashion masters wear clothes from some of the top Bollywood celebrities, from traditional saris to quirky patterned outfits such as Aishwariya Rai, Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor
Bollywood rich and famous people always look beautiful and these designers are a big reason.
Look at the most popular fashion designers and their chins in India
Gorgeous design.
The story continues below the slide: Manish Malhotra: Malhotra is one of the most popular fashion designers in India.
Not only did he make costumes for Bollywood leading and leading actors, but he also designed costumes for Hollywood stars such as Reese Witherspoon and supermodel Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.
Manish is known for creating luxurious, traditional, colorful and bold Indian clothing.
Sabyasachi Mukerjee: another beloved Indian designer, Sabyasachi, is known for his eye-catching clothing, which is mainly inspired by his hometown of Kolkata, India.
His work usually uses dark, plain colors, but he does not shy away from the pop or modern twists and turns that occasionally add color to his gorgeous work.
Masaba Gupta: masabaya is a famous Indian actress and Neena Gupta.
She is not only one of the top designers in India, but also one of the youngest designers in India at the age of 25.
Gupta is a favorite among Bollywood young people because of her modern twist in traditional Indian clothing.
She is also known for incorporating Hindi and Tamil scripts into the design.
Pernia Qureshi: After working at Elle and Harper markets in New York, India
In 2008, the locals moved back to Delhi.
Pernia founded a fashion site called Pernia's Pop Up Shop, where she sells clothing from all the famous Indian designers, including herself.
Qureshi's own collection is mainly Western clothing, with some modern Indian clothing.
Thampi is a young designer who is known for adding western style to Indian clothing, which usually has quirky patterns.
Like most Indian designers, his clothes often appear in Bollywood films and often in activities.
Payal Singhal: Singhal is known for her modern Indian and Western designs, from casual cotton shirts to traditional brides.
Although her brand is based in New York, her work is very popular in India, especially with Bollywood actresses.
Tarun tarliani: tarliani, known for his work in the Indian fashion industry since 1987, is another Bollywood favorite.
Actresses like Shilpa Shetty are often featured on his show, wearing his typical Indian costume at awards ceremonies and movies.
Nita Lula: Lula has been working in the Indian fashion industry for decades and has designed costumes for some of Bollywood's most iconic films, such as Devdas.
"She is known for her traditional Indian costumes, including sarees and shararas, but she has also designed modern and stylish Indian costumes.
Anamika Khanna: It's easy for Khanna to be one of Bollywood's most popular designers, and actresses often look down the red carpet in her traditional but avant-garde outfit.
She is also the designer of the infamous actress Sonam kapooor who attended the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.
Rohit Bal: one of the senior designers in India, began to set foot in the industry after 80 s.
His designs are often worn by Bollywood actresses such as Deepika Padukone.
His design is mainly luxurious Indian clothing with dramatic patterns and simple colors.
Kumar is one of the most respected fashion designers in India.
At the age of 69, she still has the advantages she needs to compete with emerging brands in the industry.
She has multiple costume collections and brands, from traditional Indian bridal outfits to western outfits, and she offers a wide range of fashions.
Manish Arora: Arora is known for its quirky combination of Western and Indian clothing, which is combined to some extent beautifully.
There has never been a dull color or costume in Arora's collection, and Bollywood fashion icons such as Kangana Ranaut wear it.
Arora also launched.
Jewelry collection in 2012.
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