toxic miley cyrus jewelry recalled by wal-mart - necklace earring and bracelet sets

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toxic miley cyrus jewelry recalled by wal-mart  -  necklace earring and bracelet sets
Wal-Mart said on Wednesday it was pulling a whole line of Miley Cyrus
After testing the Associated Press, brand necklaces and bracelets found on shelves that the jewelry contained high levels of toxic metal cadmium.
A spokeswoman for Wal-Mart
Canadian Mart said the jewellery was not sold in Canada.
In a statement three hours after the AP first reported its findings, Wal-Mart-
Wal-Mart said it would remove jewelry made specifically for the world's largest retailer during the investigation.
The company issued a statement with Cyrus and Max Azria, who are for 17-year-
Old Hannah Montana starWal-Wal-Mart Stores Ltd.
Back in February, the previous round of testing, as required by the AP, I learned about the CD in Miley Cyrus jewelry, and the unrelated bracelet charm series, but the items are still on sale.
Just last month, the company said it was too difficult to test products that had already been put on shelves.
In the statement, Wal-Mart
Mart did not say whether it would also remove the hanging of the bracelet. Long-
Long-term exposure to cadmium can lead to bone softening and kidney failure.
It is also a known carcinogenic substance, and research has shown that it can hinder brain development in a very young age like lead.
If the items are simply worn, the CD in the jewelry is not dangerous.
As many children do easily, people worry when young people bite or suck in jewelry.
On January, when The Associated Press released a survey showing Wal-Mart's items, CD in children's jewelry became a public concern.
The weight of Matt and other large chains is equivalent to 91 of toxic metals.
The test was conducted by Jeff weiddenhammer, a chemistry professor at Ashland University, Ohio.
In mid-February, Weidenhamer was invited to WO
Wal-Mart headquarters conducted detailed test results on the goods he purchased at Wal-Mart.
As part of the Test he did for the AP.
These items include 10 spells and 3 spells from the Cyrus series.
Judging the parts that Wal-Mart continues to supply
According to The Associated Press, Wal-Mart has been contaminated, sending reporters across the country last month to buy any of the 13 items they can find.
The packaging is made in China.
All of this was purchased for $6 or less.
All but one of them are on store shelves in eight states.
Contrary to Wal-Mart
According to The Associated Press, Wal-Mart's statement on Wednesday said that Miley Cyrus jewelry was sold in the women's wear area, which found the goods in the jewelry area or discount box.
Weidenhamer then tested these projects.
Of the 61 samples, 59 contained at least five points of cadmium by weight, of which 53 had a content of ten or more per cent.
Previous research by Weidenhamer showed that the test method he usedan X-
Ray guns that can roughly judge the content of cadmium in the article-
The current number is usually underestimated.
The representative of the jewelry industry believes that even if the content of cadmium is high, the existence of cadmium itself cannot prove that an item is dangerous.
They say it is important how much can be escaped if the item is sucked, bitten or swallowed.
Laboratory tests conducted by Weidenhamer at the request of The Associated Press show that when exposed to a mixture that simulates amino acids in the human body, several items easily fall off the metal.
The day after The Associated Press first reported, Wal-Mart
Mart says it is pulling two highlighted items
Theme pendant for Disney movie princess and frog.
Within three weeks, the chain agreed to recall all the pendants that had been sold.
Since then, AmericaS.
The consumer product safety board also issued two recalls of the charm bracelets sold at the international jewelry chain Claire's and Dollar N more stores.
Last week, Health Canada recalled the best friend charm bracelet Claire's sold.
While the AP's January survey focused on jewelry that was clearly targeted at children, the items tested for the AP this time were labeled "not suitable for children under 14.
"This is an important legal distinction: according to the current law, children's items are defined as children under the age of 12 and children under the age of 12, and children's products are subject to regulations not available to others.
For reasons not fully understood, girls aged 6 to 11
Age range including many fans of Cyrus's Hannah Montana TV shows, movies and cd-
The harm of cadmium seems to be even greater.
According to Bruce a, data from a major national study found that girls of that age absorbed more cadmium than other children or adults.
Fowler, a toxicologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Fowler said that the increase in absorption may be due to the fact that these girls usually have iron deficiency, that their bodies catch cadmium as a replacement, or that they encounter more metals in items such as jewelry.
Importer of bracelet charm, cousin company
The US said earlier this year it had persuaded a Chinese factory it worked with to stop using cadmium. The cadmium-
The heavy jewelry tested by Weidenhtested was produced in 2008 and produced 2009 in the problem factory
President of Florida merchandise-based Cousin.
"As a company, our intention is never to hurt our children," he said . ".
The federal regulator's own research shows that children are starting to be interested in making their own jewelry between the ages of 6 and 8.
As for Cyrus's products, her fans include teenagers, teenagers, and even kindergarten children.
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