treasures: victorian ware jewels in the crown - gold earring set

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treasures: victorian ware jewels in the crown  -  gold earring set
"Very few people see a woman who uses jewelry correctly," the British writer Mrs Haweis wrote in 1889 . ".
"She was either dazzled, wearing a glow as big as a pigeon egg, or going to the other extreme and not wearing anything, and it looked as if she had been disturbed by a thief in the toilet, or was robbed by creditors before dinner.
The Victorian people loved their jewelry.
They also like to tell people how and when to wear it.
There are plenty of notes in Victorian books and magazines.
Mrs. Walker's female beauty (1837)
Particularly strict.
"On the promenade or carriage, dress jewelry is not suitable," she wrote . ".
This dance dress is another matter.
"All the resources of the toilet must be spent on it.
There is no need for any gorgeous embroidery or gold or silver. There are pearls, diamonds and other jewelry here.
"By the end of 1800, the magazines had begun to praise those who did not wear jewelry.
On 1886, a young lady named Lucilla timidly wrote to the female Finance Department asking if wearing jewelry was vulgar.
You can see her point.
The Victorian jewels reflect the tastes and customs of the time, and some look vulgar.
The shape is exquisite and the decoration is excessive. To be frank, some materials are very strange.
Nowadays, most people are a little disgusted with the idea of wearing jewelry woven by the hair of the dead.
People in the Victorian era found it very symbolic.
Victorian jewelry is considered unattractive and out of date.
Now it's back in fashion.
"People are starting to see the quality of these pieces," said Garret Weldon, a professional dealer in antique jewelry . ".
"I think people will recognize it even if the quality is not their unique style.
Many of Victoria's jewels were inspired by wildlife: animals, birds, plants, insects and reptiles, especially snakes.
Queen Victoria popularized snake jewelry.
She wore a snake bracelet on the first council, and her engagement ring was a golden snake with green stones.
This snake is of great significance to many cultures.
In this case, it is understood as a symbol of eternal love.
There are more snakes next.
A heart pierced or surrounded by an arrow, swallowing its own tail, about to swallow a bird, made of gold or jet or ivory, a bracelet of necklaces, rings, bracelets, or multiple coils.
These are worn on long gloves, and the head of the snake lies on the wrist and reaches out its arm.
"Necklaces are the most popular, usually in boxes," Weldon said . ".
They have a lovely fish.
The tail is like running water, the body is tapered, the tail will be stuck in the mouth.
"A Victorian snake necklace is currently priced at 2,750 euros.
A diamond, enamel and ruby snake necklace, October 18 (c. 1845)
Sold to Adam for 3,000 euros.
Stylish and highly flexible in shape, it has a clear snake body --
Link chain with sky-
Blue enamel headpiece with diamond headpiece and Ruby Eye.
On June, there was also a snake necklace in Adam (c. 1840)
The price is 3,200 euros.
This one has a green emerald crown and cabon garnet eye with a leaf hanging in its mouth.
Article 3 snakes of similar quality are expected to appear at a jewelry auction in Yachang in December 6.
Another popular inspiration for Victorian jewelry is archaeology, especially after digging the tomb of Etruscan outside Rome in early 1800.
"Since the funeral centuries ago, I have never seen such fine gold jewelry," Claire wrote . "
Lawrence mestralette of Adam
"The most beautiful example is complicated --
Gold earrings and necklaces, in the form of various mythical creatures such as harpies, mermaid and gorgons, have rows of pendants.
"Sometimes the golden surface is covered with tiny golden particles.
In the 19 th century, jewelers were unable to figure out how this was done.
Italian jeweler Fortunato Pio Castellani, who observed the excavation of the tomb, presented himself with the challenge of restoring the lost technology of the ancient jeweler.
After extensive search, he found a farmer's jewelry made in a remote part of the Yalong mountains.
Although considered lacking in design and style, it still uses the old techniques.
The workers were transported to Rome for training in making imitation Etruscan jewelry.
Many other Victorian jewellers imitate this style, which has become a short-lived one. lived craze.
Etruscan Revival jewelry is more than a decoration.
There is also a teaching element.
Margaret Flower wrote in Victoria jewelry: "These precise replicas from the ancient world have had a huge impact on Victorian women, who are serious about improving themselves . " (1951).
She believes that the accuracy of such decorations is as pleasant as their beauty.
The real Castellani jewelry is very rare and valuable.
A necklace of gold and colored beads on April (c. 1880)
Castellani made $100,000 (€91,193)
Sotheby's in New York.
At Adam's October 10 auction, a pair of Etruscan Revival earrings (c. 1860)
The price is 3,400 euros.
From each photo, The Oval Peacock stone relief on the surface of Venus, with gold and Peacock stone double cups hanging underneath.
Weldon's currently has opal pendants (€1,750)
Revival style in Etruscan.
"It's as light as a feather," Weldon said . ".
"Symmetry is high, but it is also feminine.
"So be sure to cherish it if you have Victorian jewelry.
There is no where it comes from.
It is made with skills and schedules that are not available today. See weldons. ie, adams. ie.
Kilternan Lodge's content auction will be held at the venue tomorrow and Sunday, starting at one o'clock P. M. on two days.
Kilternan Lodge is the property of Don Carroll, former governor of the Bank of Ireland and chairman of Carol industries, which includes the tobacco maker General Carroll and (incidentally)
Sponsors Eddie Macon, 1970-year-old and 1980-year-old jumpers, and Paul Hirsch.
Although this is an old one
Style house clearance sale, there are a lot of stands in 500 to 1,500 euros, there are some more valuable items.
Among them is a pair of Victorian code stone garden bases with Ayers (
EUR 2,500 to EUR 2,500); a Regency four-door bookcase (
EUR 5,000 to EUR 8,000);
William IV, Ireland
Column table (
EUR 3,000 to EUR 5,000);
And a George III drum table (
EUR 3,000 to EUR 5,000).
For more details, please refer to wikiwsautionroom. com.
When an elegant green 19 th century Baltic sled was sold at a village house auction in the Townley Hall of Adam in October 11 for 1,900 euros, Santa Claus was bargained.
However, portraits are made to make big money.
Portrait of Thomas Butlerabove)
Earl Ossory, the eldest son of Duke Ormond James, was sold for 68,000 euros, much exceeding its cap estimate of 15,000 euros.
The painting was painted by Van Dyck, showing Kilkenny-
Thomas Butler was born, 6 years old, count Ottoman (1634-1680)
His horse was behind in armor.
The sale of furniture in, a well-planned desk in Killarney Davenport, features of inlaid decoration, water tower, harp, Chase, ferns, Eagles, castles and villas for € 31,000, more than the estimated 11,000 euros.
See adams for complete results. ie.
After the death of artists, the price of their works often rises.
This is reflected in some of the works sold by Patrick Scott (1921-2014)
At the DeVille design art auction held on October 4.
The surprise of sales, "painting for amnesia "(1981)
Gold leaves and acrylic on canvas (61cm x 61cm)
The price is 18,500 euros;
And 'gold painting 9/94 '(129. 5 x 130cm)
The price is 13,000 euros.
Design 1 2 rainbow carpet (180 x 119 cm)
A heavy Vancouver rug designed by Scott and manufactured by V'soske Joyce, worth 5,700 euros.
The auctioneer also reported a rise in prices in Italy.
Furniture designed from 1960.
Italian gold for 1960
The padded easy-to-pull chair, with open arms, tapering legs and brass feet, has almost doubled in price and is estimated to be priced at 3,200 euros, compared with a compartment wall mirror at 1,600
See deveres for full results. ie.
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