truck slams into north hill mall as jewelry store targeted - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-09
truck slams into north hill mall as jewelry store targeted  -  the jewelry store
Earlier Thursday, a truck crashed into a group of glass doors at a northwest shopping mall as part of a robbery at a jewelry store, and police in the city were looking for suspects.
Police say about 4: 30m.
A white Ford truck opened from the door on the south side of northmountain Mall, located 1600 block, 14 N Avenue. W.
Once in, the Paris jewellers are targeted, but it will take some time to determine which items have been stolen and their value, Det said. Travis Ibach.
The initial report showed that two criminals were involved, Ibach added.
Betty Ann Gillespie, general manager of the jewelry store, said she was "very angry" about the matter ".
"They came in and damaged my store and they let me in early in the morning on the rest day," Gillespie said . ".
"The police are great, the staff at the mall are great, we are trying to get back and running.
Police said the truck was believed to have been found at about eight in the morning. m.
Abandoned in 1300 block 20 N StreetW.
In the nearby hoonfield Heights
Mountain Bria community.
You can see broken glass fragments behind Ford F-
250 on the windshield
The rearview mirror was broken and there was obvious damage to the front and back of the truck.
Subsequently, a trailer came to remove the vehicle and was inspected by the investigators.
As the mall continues to clean up
The yellow tape blocks the area, the blue waterproof cloth covers the opening and the broken door left in the pile
Many of the staff who tried to start working days were shocked by the site and frustrated that they could not get into the building.
Chris Dyer and Ken Goodrunning came to a liquor store in the mall for construction and electrical work and they said they were shocked by the damage and destruction.
"I'm frustrated I can't go to work," Dale said . ".
"We called the security guard and they said the police had not told them anything yet.
He said the incident was "quite brazen and well planned to get them in and out without being caught . ".
"They must have experience.
They will . "
Phil Malou, retail director at mall management company Bentall Kennedy, said northhill mall could open around 10m.
And perform regular operations.
"The first thing we care about is the security of our customers and tenants," Marleau said . ".
"To be on the safe side, we made sure the site was safe before doing a full clean-up.
Investigators expect that they will be able to get security video footage of the incident to help their investigation.
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