turning her passion into creation - stone necklace set

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turning her passion into creation  -  stone necklace set
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Lise Fiola has gone from encouraging others to following their dreams to pursuing them.
The married mother of two children is the owner and operator of Peridot, located in St. 1574. Mary’s Rd. in St.
Important, it opened the door in November.
The new jewelry boutique shows Fiola himself by half
Gems and premium metal, combining her love of fashion with the mysterious properties of natural gems, aims to create a physical and spiritual experience for customers.
"I like to think that the stone absorbs the positive energy I felt when I created the work," said Fiola, 37, who lives in roarwood.
"The other jewelry collections I carry are stylish and made of leather, stainless steel, sterling silver and wood.
The atmosphere of the boutique is informal, and the jewelry is displayed in an unconventional way, creating a fun and unique experience for visitors.
"In the past few years, as a consumer, Fiola said she couldn't find any jewelry in the market that didn't cost money, this prompted her to focus on making a series of "high-quality works" at affordable prices ".
"The average price of an item in her store is $30, and nothing is more expensive than $60.
"Initially I tend to design my work for professional women, but so far the response to the store is comprehensive.
"We also carry items for teenagers," Fiola said . " She points out that she will encourage more men to shop for other people who are important to them and to shop around.
"I like to take risks and encourage people to dream.
"Fiola's passion for adventure makes her background story as colorful as some of her works.
She holds a master's degree in international development, which makes her go to Mexico to conduct field research for her paper, which is where she meets her husband.
Fiola spent four years at a local university.
Her recent job in Winnipeg was as a supervisor at the Manitoba Employment Centre.
Mary's way, she left during the parade, where she became more and more fascinated by the accessories worn by her colleaguesworkers.
"When you do employment counseling, you encourage people to follow their passions and dreams.
Peridot, the birthstone of August, is said to enhance inner guidance and help you follow the path of nature.
"I have been doing jewelry for six years and sold it online for two years.
"Jewelry has become an obsession during my last job, so much so that I am beginning to become obsessed with people's accessories," she added with a smile . ".
So whether you're buying a stylish Druze stone necklace, a stylish earring or --size-fits-
All the coil bracelets, parked at Peridot may be the perfect choice.
"I think this store is different from other stores.
I can customize almost any project or use any budget.
"I like to get in touch with people in the community, so it would be great if they wanted to come over and say 'hi', and that's what I'm looking forward to," Fiola said . ".
For more information, please visit peridotylisfiola. casimon.
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