ultimate guide to recycled aluminum can crafts - pendant and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-10
ultimate guide to recycled aluminum can crafts  -  pendant and earring set
Recycled aluminum can turn aluminum cans into necklaces, bracelets, brooch and earrings in jewelry, you need some supplies: You can also play with eyelets or rivets, you need a rivet or eyelet installer.
To make a round sheet of aluminum or cut a circular hole perfectly, you may need to invest in a metal disc cutter that doubles as a punching tool.
The aluminum plate can be turned into pendants, earrings and amulets on the bracelet. . .
The possibilities are endless.
Almost any part can be turned into jewelry.
Design range from low
Budget and edgy chicgarde.
Craftsmen link pop music together.
Play naughty with popular graphics and icons familiar with can, turn the natural curves of can into cuff bracelets, and re-shape the metal into delicate floral earrings [
Source: D-City Forest, funkyreyingRamsey Lacey.
You may want to start with a simple design and then try to go up.
When you know something about materials and tools, you will be able to do more experiments.
Because the jewelry is in contact with the clothes and skin, you must be extra careful to complete each edge and eliminate all sharp spots and obstacles.
A crafter offers a smart choice: Use the manufacturer's design on aluminum to add color and install aluminum on a pre-cut metal plate with blunt edges [1]
Source: New.
If you decorate your jewelry with paint, seal it with clear paint or sealant.
Unsealed colors easily rub off on the skin and clothes.
Paint will give you a slight matte or shine.
Brush with a sponge-
Provide thicker (
Sometimes more "retro-y")finish.
You may want to sell your work.
If you have your own design, do it!
However, if you have been closely imitating the design of another artist, you may want to read the code of ethics on DIY design and copyright infringement [
Source: Jewelry Making.
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