under fire - white gold necklace and earring set

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under fire  -  white gold necklace and earring set
Lynden Budds is a petite blonde with beautiful hair and gorgeous jewelry.
She was wearing a golden dress.
Set with pearl earrings and necklaces, perfectly trimmed with both hands.
Fashion was a big interest and until recently Budds was the national manager of an upscale fashion company.
Ballet is her other hobby.
"I have always been a pink girl"
Then the gun.
Bud is one of Victoria's 195,000 licensed shooters.
Ten years ago, when she met David Sunderland, the company's financial advisor, she found the gun and noticed after going out on the weekend that "He smelled gunpowder when he came home ".
"He was very interested in hitting the target and hitting the holes in the right place, and I thought, 'I can do that;
This is not a difficult thing.
This is what I can see myself doing.
"Now she has a heavy padini. 22 calibre rim-
Firing pistol and Beretta halfAutomatic fastfiring . 22.
She said that the game shooting is mainly "controlling your body to be part of the gun in your hand, the hand --eye co-ordination".
Sandground is a former member of the Richmond Football Club, under the president and-
Time is always in asphalt.
He and Bud insist that they are average sports shooters.
They say that whenever a person like Monash student Huan Yunxiang goes crazy with a gun, they are picked out for suspicion.
They see the media as fuelling "unnatural fear of guns," and say that while some reforms to licensing are needed, sport guns do not threaten the community.
They have seen so many guns and they must now be immune to the original effects of the first one
Visitors to the time gun shop saw dark shelves and boxes
Metal guns and ammunition
But while the Australian Association of shooters lashed out at the media this week at the gate of its shooting range and advised its members not to talk to the media, the sand field-
Association members-
He chose to get his age in so he could stand on the side of the shooter. Behind the bank.
Thickness of safety door and bullet
Proof glass of his office window, his phone rang as other shooters and officials discussed their reaction to the gun reform proposed by John Howard.
Sandground, a member of the Liberal Party fund-
Raising the Ad Lib group, not sure how the ban on all pistols will affect his movement, in addition to sports, safety and police guns that have not yet been specified, but he is angry that the sports striker is once again a "target.
Average Australian striker is white every daycollar, blue-
Collar for each age group, gender, ethnic background.
These people are not people in the country, not people with mental illness.
But politicians support them because it's easy to vote . "
"Unless they have something to do with guns, a lot of the public don't know anything about guns," Bud said ".
"It's the most important sport game to be away from killing, and it's the last thing in your mind.
I think they put the sports shooter in the role of the killer; it's so wrong.
"Sebastian Zidane, Victorian president of the sand court dispute sports shooter Association, claimed that the club could not freely refuse aspiring gun owners to join the club because it could lead to discrimination proceedings.
He said his club would not flinch and throw out an incompetent person and "let them sue ".
Ziccone was angry with the media about the way they treated the shooter, and their team withdrew their invitation to meet the shooter in the Springvale series because of the "high mood, we may get a response that we don't really want to publish ", insisting that discrimination limits gun clubs to expel suspected members or refusebe members.
In order to have the right to own a firearm, the shooter must belong to the club and have the club approve their permission application to the Victoria Police licensing service.
Even if a club of the association is to expel a member, he said, they are entitled to a licence if the person belongs to SSAA.
He said it would cost the association $60,000 to $70,000 to expel someone after due process.
So the three club members who were expelled from the club in the past, two of them also wanted to leave very much, and they still hold guns.
"If someone takes us to court and says, 'theyre questioning my mental state, they won't give me a gun, 'and then sue us," ziccone said, "we don't have unlimited resources, we cannot lose the small amount of reserves we have. ".
"Since the introduction of the discrimination law, the process of getting someone out of the club has been much more difficult and expensive.
We want some compensation in the bill.
Prime Minister's 13-point gun-
Although the details have not yet been announced, it seems that the reform plan has granted this right.
Ziccone and other well-known shooters suggested that the reform of the gun licensing process could include extending the trial period for new shooters to six months from three months for the club's firearms only;
Reduce the speed at which new gun owners acquire weapons;
And limit the ownership of certain guns to specific sports groups.
He said that before the Howard reform, the police and the Association were already discussing changes in competing gun licensing and he wanted to remind readers that a recent document from the Australian Institute of Crime Trends and Issues showed that, only nine out of all gun crimes involve licensed owners.
At the age of 12, the police asked Suzy barantan: "Have you ever beaten your partner, and do your partner think they are the right person to have a gun.
"They're just doing their job, a face --to-
In Victoria, anyone applying for a gun has to face a series of problems.
Changes in gun laws in 1996 have nothing to do with interviews
The club's face now-to-
Do Fingerprints and background checks with potential owners and police.
But there are a few gunmen waiting on the stakes.
Calibre Sports, one of two privately owned indoor shooting ranges in Melbourne, believes the interview should be re-introduced.
"I think they should do so;
Not now-
Spending for the police, which lets them go home and talk to their people (would-be gun owners)
"Living with him, he knows the man," said David Soldini, Ballantyne's boyfriend . "
Like Bruce Willis, a dignified man. 38 Super semi-
He has an automatic pistol and three bullets on his belt.
When she grew up in suburban Geelong, 28-year-old Ballantyne captured the bugs shooting from her father and won her first world champion when she was 16.
She was involved in tennis, but she gave up tennis because she was better at shooting.
Her father is still there.
Let her bullets.
Ballantyne, planning consultant at RMIT, recently moved from the International Federation of practical shooting (
World shooter)
Meet in South Africa.
She's not sure if her gun category will be allowed under the new regulations, but she and the rest of the people filming at IPSC say, the proposal that all sporting guns put forward by Victorian Prime Minister Steve brakes are placed in the club is not feasible, especially in rural areas.
"I agree with most of them (
Prime Minister's)
"Key Measures," she said.
"I just wanted to learn more about the exact meaning of them.
"For example, she is worried about her class.
38 Super, since it has not been used in the Olympic Games or Commonwealth Games, will be banned.
Greg Moon, a sports shooter and Victorian policeman who works as a shooting range master at the IPSC championship, shows ordinary photos
People who seem to enjoy after-sales service
His view is that it is normal for a sports shooter.
"Nothing different from golf, cricket or any other sport;
This is something that people enter and commit.
We don't say we're killing people everywhere.
We hole in the cardboard, "Moon said.
He met his wife Jane in a shooting match.
We're not crazy guns.
At night, the madman sitting at home stroked the gun in front of the TV.
It's like having a golf club.
He said measures such as extending the first waiting time
Gun purchase, more detailed inspection of future private life
Being a shooter for the police, the right to expel or reject a licence holder should help the sport to gain public recognition.
"It is very difficult for the average sports shooter who loves sports and competitions, he said: "understand how the behavior of another person who has nothing to do with sports can have such a big impact on sports. ".
Sandy agrees.
From a human and sports point of view, the Monash shooting, he said: "It just makes you sick.
Wendy Tuo is a senior writer.
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