victoria beckham calls in crystal guru to bless her with positive energy - stone necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-06
victoria beckham calls in crystal guru to bless her with positive energy  -  stone necklace set
Victoria Beckham, after refuting rumors that her marriage had hit the rocks, turned to another stone-Crystal-for positive energy.
Posh and BECKS call divorce "ridiculous", but the gossip makes Victoria very upset and she turns to Emma Lucy Knowles, a clairvoyant therapist --
After Louise Redknapp broke up with her husband Jamie, we revealed in March who was helping her --for support.
A source said: "Victoria was hurt by the incorrect advice on things between her and David, and sales of her fashion collection spiraled down.
"She heard of Emma's book, the power of crystal healing, and found true affinity with crystal, and last week she asked Emma to bless her London store and its staff.
The source added that Crystal has become an important part of the designer's daily life.
They said: "Victoria asked her latest collection team to add secret pockets to the wide pockets --
Leg pants so that the wearer can bring the crystal at any time.
"Her favorite is a white howlite crystal that can relieve stress.
"Her former highlight
The fall/winter series will be a three
Stone necklaces, fashion insiders say.
Victoria said: "I like to surround myself with positive energy. I often have crystals in my handbag.
"Reading taught me the power of the crystal.
"Maybe she can send some to former band teammate Mel B to end their Spice Girls.
The Sun revealed this week that Victoria was tired of the terrible mention of the reunion trip and portrayed her as someone who refused to perform.
Our source added: "She never intended to go back on stage with the band.
"Speculation about her marriage has upset her, so it's a huge release to know the crystal.
"The Crystal recommended by love and energy is Rose Stone and Tiger Eye.
Spicy sister said: "Tiger Eyes inject vitality into the body --
It will inspire courage and help you realize your dreams.
Do you understand? scary?
Barefoot Pixie Lott warmed Brighton's proud crowd in front of Britney Spier's headlines, jumping merrily in front of the rainbow flag, and she made her hit song.
The boys and girls have recently completed her second job as a voice child coach, and as temperatures soar they are crammed into a leather shorts.
Because one of them is the pop princess and the other is the Queen of England, Britney visited Buckingham Palace on Friday with her son Jaden and Sean and then went to the seaside town where they asked to go to the beach and fish and chips.
We were told by a source: "Britney also took the children to the Victoria Memorial because they hadn't seen them before.
"While she can easily ask for a banquet for the royal family, we 've also heard that Britney has a very simple rider on the Pride show.
It includes iced tea, coffee, bottled water, fruit plate, vegetable dish and dipping sauce.
I hope someone threw a stone and gave me a kiss too.
Professor Green once married Milly Mackintosh and had a new Milly in his life-Milly gatino, who has been working for MTV's PR, drinks and eats.
At a London restaurant, the rapper was found wrapping his arms and wine glasses with his date.
One source who saw them said: "They looked very comfortable and shared a kiss once.
"She walked out from the back door of the restaurant and it looked as if she didn't want to be noticed.
"When his former wife left his model girlfriend Fae Williams again in April, Pro broke up with him
He tied up with Hugo Taylor last month.
It's good to see the best guy in the music with a smile on his face.
Soap lover TINA O'Brien showed her tanned pin at the Summer Party on Coronation Street, but lost her leg on Friday night.
For months, she relaxed with her cast teammates at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester. Story of dutyHome once, UH
The oily Tina posted a drunken selfie and tweeted: "When you're drunk, you just need to take a picture of yourself in the morning . ".
If so, most celebrities in the world will never be awake. LOVED-
Up kylie minogue can't get her new boyfriend paul solomons out of her head or bed, so she moved him into her luxurious West London mansion.
On April, we revealed how the creative director of GQ, after Kylie broke up with her fiancé Joshua sass, helped her heal her heart.
"This is a big step forward, but they will be stronger and stronger," said a source.
Kelly finally found happiness.
When the singer left the aisle after his last break --
The source added: "An engagement is on the card.
"What a good result it will be to consolidate this year's 50-year-old and get her back to pop with No1 album" gold. Go girl!
This week, the banter of Robbie Williams and Ida field in the X Factor auditions increased, and the loose female star laughed at her husband's singing and his inability to pronounce it correctly.
During the filming of six films
Ayda told him: "By the way, Robbie, it's me --da, not A-da.
Judge Robbie said: "It is a very difficult name for people like me who have dyslexia.
"Ayda pulled up her other half after misspelling the names of one of his groups.
Then, when a girl band performed for the judges, Ada quipped: "You can't all be great singers-someone has to be Robbie. ”Ouch.
The couple celebrated their eighth anniversary on Tuesday.
At the same time, we heard that Luis Tomlinson suggested Ibiza as a location in the section of his house of judges where he would cut back the boys who went to the live show. Party time.
As if traveling with Taylor Swift and Camilla Cabello is not the best life Charlie XCX has ever had, she celebrated 26 years old in Miami with this touch
Her latest single, "Girl's Night", is called "Girl's Night", but gathering on land also looks like a success.
No problem for some people.
His fashion choices are really scary, but under his toilet seat, not in the mirror, makes Lewis Hamilton creepy.
F1 ace is worried that insects may lurk when he is abroad.
"One drawback of Australia is that it has every dangerous animal in the world," Lewis said.
"I'm running (Yarra)
River, be careful the crocodile won't jump out and eat me.
They have big ones. ass spiders.
I look under the toilet every day in case there is such a thing.
"I hope he blushed first.
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