wagons, movie set props up for sale at alamo village - earring and necklace sets cheap

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-12
wagons, movie set props up for sale at alamo village  -  earring and necklace sets cheap
Western movie lovers or those who are just looking for a dialogue film are lucky --
Props and artifacts from the village of Alamo will be sold this month.
The village of Alamo is a 500-
The acre movie set near Brackettville in the west of San Antonio provides the background and set for movies including Lonely pigeons and John Wayne's Alamo.
The owner of the village lives in Dallas-
Joanne Sellers, the site's liquidator, said the Forth Worth area decided it was time to sell the item. A two-
Sales for the day will start at 8 in the morning. m. Jan. 27, she said.
Anyone who is interested in attending must register before entering the village, she said.
Trucks, cannons and other works of art cost between $1,000 and $18,000, Edwards said.
The item has no proof of authenticity, but Edwards said it would include a memorandum stating the purchase from Alamo Village.
"We just don't have that kind of paper trail to say which item is used in what movie and which movie prop is used," she said . ".
"There is nothing, a piece of paper that says, 'this has been used in Alamo. ’”The 500-
The ruins of Acre, once a prosperous West
In 2009, after the death of Virginia Shahan, a long-time caretaker, scenic spots in style were closed, including hay rides, gun battles, magic shows and other activities.
For the next six months, it is open three days a week before it closes on 2010.
Shahan's husband, James T.
"Happy" Shahan convinced Wayne to shoot Alamo at his ranch about 120 miles west of San Antonio.
Wayne wants real material like brick and Adobe used on the set, James Shahan wants concrete foundation and roof so that when the movie is released, he could have a "real basis for 2010 interviews with Rich Curilla, a film and Alamo historian, he spent his summer vacation at the site in the 1960 s and begantime in 1988.
The play won the American Cowboy Culture Award in 1998.
Nearly 40 major films and television productions were filmed in the village of Alamo, as well as hundreds of commercials, documentaries and music videos.
Music shows, comedy sketches and gun battles attract hundreds of visitors every day.
During its heyday, it received Jimmy Stewart, Dean Martin, Raquel Welch, and Willie Nelson.
James Alness plays Matt Dillon in this TV movie.
The old props have been stored on the website since the 2010 was closed.
Virginia Shahan left the site to her daughter, Jamie Wren.
Edwards said, "what's there . . . . . . It's time for others to have them . ".
"History does exist, but you have to protect it.
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