wearing your gem jewellery right - red necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-01
wearing your gem jewellery right  -  red necklace set
Let's face it. gems are a staple of jewelry that will never be out of date!
Perhaps gems are the most diverse choice of jewelry, and gems can be used to decorate any look no matter what occasion.
The popularity of gems is so high that the money spin behemoth in Marvel movies is entirely based on an exploration of a bunch of real gems.
Of course, these are some very powerful gems you can't wear, but for the ones you can wear, here's how to make your gem jewelry game right! 1.
Work, Pearl!
From Audrey Hepburn's breakfast in Tiffany's with a wide pearl necklace to almost all the other celebrities you see on your work clothes, Pearl is the ideal jewelry choice for Western clothing
The natural Oriental glow of the Pearl helps add a hint of sass to your office set without paying too much attention to your jewelry.
Foreign necklace with small Pearl a simple necklace with large pearl goes very well with a dress or a wide neck jacket, it sits on your neck and does not cause
Pearl earrings and simple pearl bracelets are also a good choice if you want to match shirts and skirts. 2.
Party jewelry ring!
If you want to change those boring selfies to some really cool ones, what you need is a ring with a gem set.
The big stones inlaid on the ring are the latest trends, and the two rings that combine the big and small stones are also popular.
Although ruby and emerald are the most popular stones for the ring, you can choose to match the sapphirelor crystal of that favorite dress! 3.
Mess up the cocktail party!
Although the wedding day is the day when the bride and groom shine, sangeet features and cocktail parties are the event to get your wedding dress game started and it's time to go all out and decorate it.
Rubies are the most popular inlaid jewelry for sanget/cocktail party, as the appearance of most ethnic or fusion is brighter.
Ruby-inlaid necklaces or statement necklaces are very effective with ethnic costumes, while gemstone bracelets and large inlaid earrings add some vitality to fusion wear.
Although Ruby is most popular on this occasion, if the theme is based on a softer tone, the shape of jade or Sapphire will be better. 4.
Take the gems to Caj!
Nowadays, the trend of leisure has been greatly impacted, and jewelry with casual appearance needs to be as easy.
A long chain tie with a large gem may be the most common accessory for a casual outing, even in the absence of a super formal working dinner.
If you want to make things easier, heavy gem bracelets and super jewelry are ideal for jewelry if you go out for a drink with friends or lie on the bed
Dinner outing.
A jewel-lined necklace is also perfect for this year's popular jumpsuit, from red carpet to office parties, which are dressed in a rather stylish style this year.
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