weekly roundup of ebay vintage jewelry finds - pearl necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-16
weekly roundup of ebay vintage jewelry finds  -  pearl necklace and earring set
Don't have time to browse thousands of eBay items?
Then take a look at my weekly review of top vintage jewelry I found on eBay.
This eclectic collection of antiques and antique jewelry has attracted my discerning attention for its uniqueness, modernity, or collectible nature.
Buyers are as careful as ever!
Be sure to read the list carefully and contact the seller if you have any questions.
This week's review includes many great projects.
Don't miss the 1880 s carved shell embossed brooch, 1993 Chanel coin and wax seal necklace, 18 k embossed bracelet, Pierre Cardan necklace, Chinese chocolate bracelet, turquoise necklace by Gerald Mitchell, skeyaparei earrings and a 1958-inch double-strand pearl necklace from Royal Wood.
Ready, ready, bid! ! ! (
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Which project do you like best?
Leave me a message below to let me know.
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Please note that the use of coral, fur, feathers, leather or animal skins is not supported in fashion.
Any of these options offer only more thoughtful and eco-friendly services
For contemporary fashionistas who have not yet eliminated animal products from their wardrobes, or for collectors who are trying to save them, this is a friendly choice.
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