what $4,595 “glass slippers” say about disney’s princess sales machine - crystal necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-27
what $4,595 “glass slippers” say about disney’s princess sales machine  -  crystal necklace set
When Disney recently launched a new live-
Action "Cinderella" The Princess joins the usual girl doll and skirt
Valuable fares tailored for different markets: women. A $599.
"I'm here," Cinderella.
Home Collection crystal necklace-
HSN shopping network.
A pair of $75 champagne flutes for "Cinderella and Prince Charming.
Even a $4,595 pair of "glass slippers" designed by luxury fashion brand Jimmy Choo for boutiques in New York, Paris and Milan.
Disney's third Princessthemed mega-
Two years later the film, the traditional child
The central media giant and its licensed founder are playing an important role in women's spending, hoping "modern-
"Princess Festival" will be a fairy tale of spring-
The story is not worn for their daughters or little sisters, but for themselves.
A few days before the film's premiere on Friday, the bet has already paid off. A Cinderella-
Theme makeup collection by Estee Lauder MA. C.
Cosmetics promoted on the Disney fashion blog, inspired by Cinderella and her fashion --if-
Evil Stepmother"The lady will do it ")
Last month, eBay sold out within hours of its online debut, and some items reappeared on eBay at more than four times the retail price.
For Disney, the impact of "Cinderella" represents a risky bet against backwardnessthe-
The Times tells the story of a hapless maid saved by a prince of magic and mercy in a country more eager than ever to lead by a strong woman.
The studio is abandoning the blueprint for new films such as Frozen, which is $1. 2billion-
The blockbuster shows a fearless princess, one of the biggest successes in the box office and other fields.
However, in the face of the delicate balance between modern society's appeal for gender equality and the nostalgia for the Princess of female youth, Disney's merchandise sales directly target the latter, betting on professional women, when doing all this, don't mind making a detour through the fantasy world.
"Our target consumers are women, aged 35 to 55, and this is what Disney is looking for," said Gigi Ganatra Duff, a spokeswoman for HSN . "
Hour live events and two prime times
Launch a TIME special for the Cinderella series.
"Our girls are very sophisticated;
She's fashionable.
She didn't want it to scream "Cinderella ".
She wants it to scream the essence of "Cinderella": fairy tales, dreams, beauty.
"The producers of the film are in line with the marketers of Disney World --
In the new film of 1950 animated films, "spanning Commodity Management" promises to create a more modern and independent heroine (
Although equally amazing in the crystal
Inlaid high heels and Rainbow Bluesilk gown).
Actor Richard mcden said at the premiere of the film Berlin: "You will see a really strong woman coming together with a young man," he plays Prince Charming, "instead of seeing a more gendered view from the old animation.
In order to emphasize this, the product of "Cinderella" caters toso-young princess-at-
"Freeze" the heart in a way that was never available.
Disney's online store costs $199. 95 fine-
$14-$600 Chinese tea setkarat-gold charm.
Cole sells $60 organza dresses and sequins through a collection with 29-year-old Lauren Conradyear-
Former star of Laguna Beach.
Ordinary youth-
Target goods like Cinderella
The theme ball dress costs $350 to $800, but many products are far beyond the reach of teenagers.
HSN's Cinderella collection costs $169.
95 "Magic Castle" crystal pin, a pair of crystals for $350 --encrusted lace-
Sneakers and leather jackets with "Baroque style of contemporary Princess.
"Perhaps the most indulgent is the collaboration between Disney and nine high-end designers who have been asked to launch shoes with the" glass slippers "theme, each with Swarovski crystal, the price is between $795 and $4,595.
A spokesman for Saks Fifth Avenue said that its stores in New York and Beverly Hills began accepting special orders for the shoes last week, although they will also be sold at malls in London, Moscow, Tokyo and Dubai
The most successful so far is M. A. C. ’s limited-
Lipstick, eye shadow and glitter product line, launched by fashion magazines, fashion blogs and makeup fans to breath-holding followers, some of whom were crushed when the product was quickly sold out.
Tearful posts and fierce bidding battles on social media followed closely: on eBay, bidders brought a 4-
A pack of $16 lipstick and lipstick can reach up to $132. 50.
Before makeup-
The store made its debut last week at M. A. C.
Independent store in Portland, Oregon. ;
Jackson, Florida. ;
In a suburb outside Los Angeles, the line is more than 120 people.
In Jacksonville, people in line wear headwear selfies in front of a window sign that says "Viva glam.
Karen Monterey, 39, who is a beauty blogger in California, says makeup "makes people super crazy," although, as she points out in her blog, "It won't be the clothes most people wear when they go to work on Monday morning.
She added that the appeal to elements like the "midnight bell" eyeshadow comes not only from its commitment to fantasy glamour, but also from its implication of the dark side, sold to "women who can appreciate the nuances, the edge.
Disney has expanded its reach to women
Beyond the promotions of its typical young clients.
In last month's episode of Bachelor, women compete for a future husband, a Cinderella on a reality show --
The theme dates include the royal ball, the fairy godmother, and the promotional short film of the new film.
There's a Cinderella
The theme of London Fashion Week is "afternoon tea", and the film has recently been drawn to something closest to American reality --
TV royal family, "The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.
Princess of Disneyas-
Analysts say that women's push is driven by lingering concerns about the "freezing" of a complete conquest of toys "--
The shelves of the store may not be far enough. The highest-
The animated film, which has historically had a high box office revenue, became Disney's 11-year franchise with retail sales of more than $1 billion a year, but analysts said
In stores and conservative merchandise sales, Disney and its licensors eventually lost an unspeakable gold mine in potential sales.
This is the dollar for adult women who don't want to shop on their own. The grown-
The "frozen" items displayed at Disney's online store are far from adventurous: the most expensive one is an iPhone case and an Olaf tote bag for less than $40.
Laura Martin said: "The reason why Frozen is important is not only because it has achieved great box office success, but also because it has opened up new consumer categories, we hope Disney can take advantage of these needham & Co. senior analyst
This includes clothing, accessories and cosmetics, not just for "13-year-
Eager to be a 17-year-oldyear-
Old, but young. so-
Like young people.
Disney's appeal to women can be rewarded at the box office.
Industry data show that since 2009, women have accounted for a higher proportion of movie audiences each year than men, although women-centered films that tell stories are still very rare. (
More rarely: A Film tested by Bechdel, which measures whether there are at least two women in the story talking to each other about things that don't involve men.
The classic "Cinderella" passed. )
But a successful "Cinderella" marketing strategy can not only help Disney complete a movie.
Women who go out and buy "Cinderella" for themselves may eventually catch the "frozen" gift as well.
The big mouse has Broadway musicals, theme parks and cruises, and has many ways to expand your empire.
Robin Didrich, a senior consumer analyst at Edward Jones, said, "let Cinderella focus on these charms and makeup ideas, and maybe that's what they can ultimately do with other brands.
But maybe the longest.
Rebecca Heins, associate professor at Salem State University and author of The Princess question, said the lasting benefits of the Disney Princess Machine are much more subtle than that.
Hines said: "The closer the adult identity of women has to do with the Disney Princess, the harder it is for them to have a critical distance when they become parents, maybe they shouldn't just decorate the whole room of their daughter with princess stuff, there's something else.
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