why blingier is always better when it comes to jewellery in hollywood - earring and necklace sets cheap

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-11
why blingier is always better when it comes to jewellery in hollywood  -  earring and necklace sets cheap
As the awards season accelerates, Nadja Swarovski reflects on the impact of her family's crystal company on the film industry on the red carpet and on the red carpet.
"Marlene Dietrich is the first star to wear Swarovski Lo on the screen.
She owns this amazing crystal costume jewelry in the blonde Venus [1932].
It has to be big enough that the camera can capture it in black and white, setting the standard for the exaggerated outfits we are wearing now.
After that, the Marlene brand began to work closely with fashion designers.
Dorothy slippers in The Wizard of Oz, Audrey Hepburn's headdress at Tiffany's breakfast, most of Marilyn Monroe's work --
Screen jewelry from Swarovski.
Fact: her diamond is a girl's best friend and looks like nothing but Crystal!
Now we have an office in Los Angeles that specializes in costume shooting.
Designer Sandy Powell called me a few years ago and said, "Nadia, I'm working on Cinderella and you know why I'm calling.
She flew to Austria and cut a piece of crystal into glass with our technicians.
The shape of the slippers Lily James wears.
On the modern red carpet, we found that celebrities like to wear crystal dresses and carry Crystal bags, but they always prefer diamonds for jewelry.
We decided to work with a supplier in Northern California for our new boutique jewelry collection to produce synthetic "faux" diamonds, which we have found, stars who care about the environment are interested in this new material.
Kind of like a diamond,
Conditions are the same as natural stones-
But the process is sustainable and there is no need for mining.
The first person to wear them was Emma Roberts at the Oscars last year, followed by Naomie Harris, Penelope Cruz and others.
The actresses didn't know what they were going to wear until the last minute, so we tried to make the series as comfortable as possible.
We have earrings and necklaces with removable pendants for women to use whatever they wear.
Getting red carpet jewelry is a physical problem for me.
Gems reflect the light back to the face, so anyone who wants to shine should choose a big earring or necklace to give them a glow.
It's not like you wear it in the office or on the subway.
This is where you want to stand out.
"The Fromatelierswarovski jewelry is available. com.
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