why maison tabbah's diamond phoenix earrings carry generations of jewelry history - white gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-28
why maison tabbah\'s diamond phoenix earrings carry generations of jewelry history  -  white gold necklace and earring set
Tabbah, a boutique jewelry store, applies five generations of jewelry expertise to the studio
Like these carefully crafted Phoenix earrings.
Featuring 462 diamonds inlaid in 18 k white gold, they also feature a firm modern imprint of the Lebanese Heritage House, and after opening a new point of sale in Paris last month, they now come to Saks Fifth Avenue. Two 1. 80 carat pear-
The cut diamond is inlaid on the earlobe, because the paved feathers fly to the shoulders in an elegant arc, along the lines of the neck.
A total of seven pounds.
63 karat, Phoenix earrings represent the synthesis of jewelry for more than 150 years-
Make history from Beirut
House, and family passion for generations.
Today, hosted by the instinct jewelry designer Nagib Tabbah, who inherited the family's talent, Tabbahs was originally a sculptor who made wooden printed blocks in the town of Zahle on the Silk Road.
The jewelry house was founded in 1862 by Joseph Taba, when the skills were transferred to gold and silver. Fifth-
When he joined his father, Nabil's family business in 1998, the Najib generation breathed an interesting modern flavor.
During the Art Deco period, the design DNA of the house was consolidated with beautiful geometric works, some of which survived the archives.
Through 1940 and 1950, their work has become more and more technical and groundbreaking.
A lightweight honeycomb link for further exploration of exquisite soft gold cuffs and snake patterns, which is still the symbol of today's house. Fast-
Nagib worked closely with Princess Charlene of Monaco in 2011 to customize her wedding with Prince Albert, including a gold, diamond and pearl necklace that evokes the ocean, wearing a tight dress at her wedding.
From Ginger Rogers to Brooke Sheilds, she is the latest in the history of the celebrity collection in Tabbah costume.
Tabbah has long been known for the private commissions of elite families around the world-albeit discreet, in a secret world of very fine jewelry.
More accessible to fashion today
Led production lines were created in the same studio, using the same expertise to meet the same high production standards as more exclusive products.
Every stage of the production process is-
A house consisting of a team of 80 people, which includes stone cutters, polishes and installers.
"Exclusivity and high prices are not the same thing for us," Nagib said . ".
"The same craftsman makes all of our work, whether it's custom commissions, the budget is not a problem, or more trends --
$1,000 led single earring. ” And the mix-and-match 'agrafe'-
Style Earrings B
The Glam line is a good example.
The highly wearable collection, made of rose gold, diamonds and cream marble from central cacholong, was recently acquired by Vogue and Grazia.
This is a way to bring Tabbah to the international market more widely, aiming to "share the Tabbah jewelry experience with more audiences and look for unique designs and superior craftsmanship ".
In addition to the Beirut flagship store opening 2014, and the existing European outlets in Geneva, Monte Carlo, Kiev and now Paris, Nagib is investigating very carefully selected locations in London and the United States, tap the growing demand for fine jewelry.
Modern style
At Tabbah, a House deeply connected to its roots, the led pieces are easily placed right next to the premium custom jewelry.
The upcoming collection includes very popular gold medals representing the Phoenician symbols, such as lions, eagles and bees, which are cast from 1970 of the mold found in the House Archives.
Typical Tabbah pay attention to detail and they all sign on the back of the Phoenician script.
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