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by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-17
wire wrapped wrap ring  -  cheap jewelry online
This is a traditional wire winding ring. with a twist. Literally.
Beautiful and sturdy straps wrap around your fingers so you don't have to worry about the size of the ring, which makes it perfect for gifting.
Wire: you can use any kind of non-toxic metal wire, although I prefer the online jewelry grade wire.
Wire sculptures and Rio Grande are good sources.
I recommend copper or bronze if you are just starting.
They are cheap and look great with Polish or patina.
Start to purchase at least 5 feet of the number 22, dead soft line, square line and 2 feet of the number 21 or 22, dead soft line, half circle line.
Tools: tools are very important.
I use cheap jewelry pliers (~$10)
For a while, but once I'm sure I'll stay with the wire wrap, I have a good wire wrap (~$50).
It makes a big difference, especially how tired my hands will be.
If you do that, keep using your cheap tools.
There's always a pair of pliers to worry about.
The basic tools you need to start using are: a flat nose, a circular cut, an optional bead or crystal in shape.
4mm and up are usually good.
Measurements remember that this ring is adjustable, so don't worry too much if your measurements look a bit off at any time.
Having said that, here is the measurement note: Take a rope and wrap it around the finger or loop core shaft (
If you know your size).
Circle around and then use each side of the rope around the other.
Then add another 3 inch.
Measure with a ruler what you just marked on the rope.
This will be the length of a line.
You cut all the square lines into this length.
As a result, my length is 8 inch.
It is better to make an error on the cutting too long side and then not enough wires when packing.
This will be the length of the square cord of 22 specifications.
Cut out six strands of this length.
I cut 4 silver and 2 copper to make it easier to see the difference in the chain and what is going on with the project.
You can design any pattern you like from any wire.
Now cut five half-round wire.
Make them one and a half inches each.
Now is the time if you want to twist the wires.
This is a great decorative element for your design.
I twisted the two central copper wires.
The six lines are wrapped in a bundle together with the half-circle line.
The Bundle is the base of the ring belt.
The goal is to make a flat strap at five.
The short section of 1/2 round lines will connect the square lines together.
Start: pick up a 1/2 round line and bend 3-
4mm at the top.
Then bend the angle slightly.
Make sure the flat surface of the wire is on the inner surface.
This will be neatly installed around the square wire.
Repeat with all the short half circles.
Next, keep the square line togetherby-side.
You may need to twist them a little and let them line up.
Then put the bending hook of the 1/2 round line on one edge, as shown in the figure.
Gently squeeze with a flat nose clamp to ensure safety. (
When wrapping, the front of the package should be 90 degrees with the beam line.
The back of the package is usually tilted. )
Now, the square wire harness is very close to the place where the short pieces are wrapped with a flat mouth clamp.
Start wrapping around the 1/2 round wire around the bundle, but stop every time you turn and gently squeeze the wire with a flat nose clamp.
It is expected that the bundles and pliers will be moved frequently, changing hands when you need them.
Wrap the 1/2 round wire around the bundle in this way 3-
4 times, end on the back of the bundle.
Cut the extra 1/2 round line so that it overlaps 3-4mm on the back.
Starting from the middle packaging, working outward to make five total packaging (
Fairly uniform intervals)
About 3 inch.
When you have beautiful packages for five packages, you can start to shape the ring.
Hold the bundle on the loop core rod with your thumb on the central package.
Then gently start bending the sides on the core shaft.
From the back to the other side.
There should be a separate band behind the ring, and there should be overlapping bands in front.
I like to gently fan the wires out and see what exactly I'm dealing.
It's time to add the trim and finish the end.
You can use the following suggestions or use the wire technology you like.
Making trivia here is the real art.
The filament is a delicate vortex and dive that makes up the design of the wire packaging.
After the strap is in the right size and shape, you make it with loose ends of the wire.
What you do is entirely up to you, but remember to add your beads when the wires are still fairly straight.
RosettesThis is probably the most common design element in wire packaging.
You make a small round ring at the end of the wire with your round mouth clamp and make a wreath.
The coil is then wound into a tight spiral with flat-head pliers.
To do this, one hand holds the wire and the other rotates the wire, rotating it for a quarter at a time.
You can make a rose knot for a different look with twisted or untwisted wires.
It's fun to make coils and shapes with wires, but don't be too big, otherwise the wires will bend easily.
Keep the wire tightly connected to the settings and find a way to fix the end on the other wire.
TwistUse flat head pliers for fixing loose thread heads and twisting.
Note if you're not sure what to do, add some crystals (1 each)
Cut all the ends of the wires to about 1/2.
Then make a rose knot from all ends.
Trim off any extra wires when you finish decorating the elements (
Other items can be saved)
Stuff any loose stuff down here.
Touch the rough spots on the ring with your fingers, then rub back and forth on a piece of fabric.
If you find any sharp spots or wires;
Archive, trim or fold the wires in question until everything goes very smoothly.
If your ring is deformed at any time, just put it back on the loop core shaft and press it back into shape.
If it is difficult to form with your fingers, Hammer with nylon or raw skin.
Now you can add a patina, buff and/or seal your ring if you want. Have fun!
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