witness describes ‘total panic’ as armed jewel thieves storm the ritz hotel in paris - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-09
witness describes ‘total panic’ as armed jewel thieves storm the ritz hotel in paris  -  the jewelry store
It is reported that the man, armed with handcuffs and hats, entered the luxury Ritz hotel last night in an unusually shameless robbery in one of the world's most prestigious neighborhoods, valuable jewelry and other goods were stolen from the hotel boutique.
A lady enjoying a cocktail at the hotel's Hemingway Bar described the terrible ordeal.
She said: "I saw the man with a hat with a gun, and then my only goal was to get out of there.
So I left the bar. I escaped. I ran and ran.
"I found myself in the basement of the Ritz hotel and then I didn't know how to get around and keep running.
I don't know what happened.
"I thought it was an attack," said Jennifer, a woman named only.
A police official said the three suspects were soon arrested near the fashionable Wanda Plaza in central Paris, but at least two others escaped and escaped.
No one was injured.
An official familiar with the investigation said that jewelry or other items have not been found so far.
Neither official was authorized to make his or her name public.
According to French media estimates, stolen goods are worth at least 4 pounds.
5 million euros (
Nearly 4,000,000 pounds).
The payment was not confirmed by the police.
An official said some thieves apparently hold guns but could not confirm reports that they broke the glass with their hats.
One official said the thieves appeared to have entered through a side street entrance on Cambon street, breaking display cabinets at Reza jewelry store and other possible places, taking valuables
Reza is one of the top five elite stores
Ritz-star hotel with room price starting at 1,000 euros (Under 900)a night.
The official said two people were in the store and called the police. Several high-
In recent years, high-end Paris jewelry stores, including Cartier, Harry Winston and Chopin, have been the targets of dramatic robberies.
Kim Kardashian West said that in October 2016, she was robbed with a gun in an apartment in Paris and lost millions of dollars worth of jewelry.
The Ritz Hotel is a very luxurious hotel.
19 th century hotel, re-opened in 2016 after a wide range of four
After a year of renovation, well-known brands such as Ernest Hemingway and Coco Chanel have been established.
This is the last time Princess Diana stayed here before a fatal car accident in the Paris tunnel, receiving elite guests from all over the world who presented awards for this exquisite neighborhood.
The area of the city is considered good.
Safe, the police often patrol the Wanda Plaza, where the Department of Justice and luxury shops are located, except for the Ritz Hotel.
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