woman celebrating 107th birthday says key to long life is being good to others - pearl necklace and earring set

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woman celebrating 107th birthday says key to long life is being good to others  -  pearl necklace and earring set
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This article is published in 7/4/2016 (1165 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. TRURO, N. S. -
The pink and white cake from Jeanette Brown is too small to hold the right amount of candles to celebrate her landmark birthday.
Brown celebrated her 107 birthday at a restaurant in his hometown of Truro on Thursday, surrounded by family and friends. S.
Dressed neatly in a black and white shirt, red cuffs, a pearl necklace and shiny earrings, Brown said loudly that the key to longevity and happiness is to be kind to others.
Brown defeated cancer in his 90 s, married at 16, and had three children before the age of 20.
She lives longer than all her children.
Brown got married again at 48 and had a dozen grandchildren
Some of them are close to their 70 s.
And 27 great ones.
Grandchildren and some great menGreat, great. great-great-grandchildren.
During World War II, she worked at an ammunition factory in Montreal and received a high school diploma at the age of 63.
During a birthday lunch with family and friends, Brown told the Canadian media about her long life, some of whom came from Boston for the event.
CP: What is the secret of longevity?
Brown: good for everyone because you want them to be good for you.
Give them a compliment when they need it.
Tell them what kind of person you are and what kind of person they are.
I think this is the secret of anyone.
Like each other.
All over the world, not just where you live, all over the world.
I think this is the secret of everything.
Be friendly to everyone and look forward to them being kind to you. And it works.
Useful to me.
CP: what world events have affected you in the last century?
Brown: I was very happy when the first black president was elected.
I know we will have good things one day, that's good.
What is happening in the world, what is happening, what is happening is good for the people.
Not only for the rich, but also for the poor, especially for my black people.
This makes me very happy.
But there is more to do and we should look at it that way and help it.
Don't wait for someone else to do it-you do it too.
I think this is the reason to help others and create a better life.
I met many good people and many bad people.
But this is life.
CP: Tell me about your life.
Brown: I got married when I was 16.
When I was 17, I gave birth to my first child and two more --
Three children.
That's enough.
It's a baby every year, it's not good (Everyone laughs).
Today, when they had children, they started doing business.
They did not do so in my time.
When you were pregnant on my day, this man married you and you were very happy.
When I got my high school diploma, I was 63 because I couldn't get it when I was young, but I was determined to get it.
I took it by letter and I have to pay but I don't mind.
I got what I wanted.
CP: Do you have any suggestions for other people who wish to live 107?
Brown: tell yourself your bad news and tell others the good news.
I think such a life is very happy. Follow (at)
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