y oh y won't you buy that brand? - silver necklace and earring set

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y oh y won\'t you buy that brand?  -  silver necklace and earring set
She didn't know, but on the way to the station, the young girl was being chased.
Walking at a fair pace, wearing tight clothes
Loose pants leg jeans
Sweater in color T-shirt
She has a mop.
A hairstyle that provides clues to her carefree state.
Her big sun has thick plastic frames. A mid-
The length silver necklace has a range of charm as she steps out. She is puffed.
But no one noticed because no one could see her suitor
Enterprise world.
Brands of alcohol, shoes, clothes, mobile phones-even cars.
They all want her loyalty, her money.
Young people between the ages of 16 and 30 in Australia have never been so attractive to multinationals and small companies because they never have so much money.
Most young people do not move out of their homes until they are 26, which means a large part of their income will become disposable income. Ka-ching.
This is what big brands pursue.
Generation Ys in Australia
People born between 1978 and 1994number about 4. 5 million.
They make up 24 of the total population, but they have more than half the discretionary spending capacity.
Adding the older generation of Xers to this mix, there is also a considerable market that needs to be developed.
But for marketers and advertisers, this group of people under the age of 30 has proved to be a particularly tricky issue.
They refused to be suppressed into mainstream society.
They will not be told what is going in and out because they would rather find out on their own than accept the mass media.
To put it simply, they are stubborn, independent and confident.
Dion Appel, chief executive officer, Melbourne-
Based on the lifeline of media and marketing companies, 16-30 market.
"They are a very strong market. . .
"In terms of purchasing decisions, they are actually markets that can influence peers and the wider market," Appel said . ".
The company's annual city market report, released this month, is a sought after document that advertisers, government agencies, financial groups and retailers pay for their wisdom.
This report provides valuable insights into the likes, dislikes, desires and lifestyles of a generation of consumers who are more likely to become trend directors than their disciples.
"The board of directors of the company no longer sets the trend," Appel said . ".
"There is no doubt that this is set by young people on the street.
So the girl at the tram station
Not to mention the generation she represents.
Although marketers and advertisers did their best to create their own "look" for her ".
It is precisely because of this DIY attitude that companies are trying to get into the market leaders to understand how they work and, more importantly, why they are buying.
In this generation, appearance is more important than label.
They're not a very loyal group.
"They don't want to dress from head to toe in a brand and they're always looking for new exciting moves," Appel said . ".
This year's City Market report surveyed 1121 young people aged 16.
30 in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Gold Coast in January and February.
The report found that the most popular place to buy clothing is independent stores, and nearly half of urban young people are more likely to go to boutiques run by emerging designers than major clothing chains, department stores or discount stores.
The report also showed that the proportion of urban adults who chose to avoid brands increased significantly compared with last year, with 24 people.
4% of men (
Up from 9% in 2005)and 26.
7% per cent of women (16. 5 per cent)
Give the brand a broad space.
Appel says they are proactive consumers who "pick" what they want.
According to the city market report, at 16-
Children aged 30 in whole or in part
Time to work, although most people stay at home until the age of 26.
About 15,600 of income is less than $, but most of it is disposable income for indulgence activities such as clothing, travel, music and technology.
There are about 60 credit cards.
"They are not saving money;
"They put all their money into the pursuit of hedonism," Appel said . ".
"They sacrificed their independence, but the advantage is that they have disposable income to travel with friends and dress the way they want it. "Those aged 16-
30 there is little dependence on mainstream media, so advertising campaigns targeting them through traditional channels are basically ignored.
Instead, they collect information using the most obscure currency: what Appel calls Urban Capital.
"Urban Capital is actually a combination of knowledge, experience, skills and social connections that affect their position in the culture of young people," he said . ".
"Knowledge may be to know where the hottest places are at night, and experience may be a travel destination off the beaten track, although skill may be to know how to ride a skateboard and play the guitar.
"The social connection is to know that this person is at the door of a new place in the town, and these things are traded.
This is the value of this market.
"This means that when planning a trip, they are more likely to listen to their peers than travel agencies, and travel is more likely to be to Asia (
Over 60)and Europe (
(More than 30), although out-of-the-
South America and other places are also desirable.
Word of mouth is the most powerful tool in this sector.
Clothing companies are rapidly expanding and renting parking lots and warehouses to store one-off, end-of-
Gap of season.
Although these sales have never been advertised in the mainstream media, they have spent a weekend for thousands of people.
Instead, messages are spread through flyers, websites, and blogs.
"Urban Capital can know what's going on," Appel said . ".
"Instead of using traditional media, this market uses their social networks.
"Experience is an important part of it, because if you create an experience, they will most likely want to tell their peers about it.
Then, bingo, your brand enters the social network as a city Capital deal.
Peter Sheahan, 26year-
A book called Generation Y was published last year.
Word of mouth has always been strong, but its influence has improved among young people, he said.
"Word-of-mouth communication for this generation is faster than ever, and this is the result of the technology they use to keep in touch," she said.
"Generation Y can't go to the toilet without telling their five friends first.
"They will tell people if they like something and they will make a decision based on the story we will tell after we buy the product.
"The stories they tell are often related to an experience.
The bigger chain is trying to create
Shop experience.
Elle McLauchlan, general manager of sports girls, said this usually means unpredictable.
"It's not just the highest price of $19.
"95, it makes sure there are other product categories around us," mclakeland said . ".
"At the moment, we have dog clothing in our store, dog mints and animal massage books.
"The girls hovered around the table, talking about it and giggling, creating an experience.
It's not just a dress on a shelf.
"Simon Hammond, executive director of communications agency SEE, can list several brands that have been successful in creating experiences.
The hardware chain Bunnings is an unlikely example.
Admittedly, this does not provide the kind of experience young people are looking for, but eating bread sausage in the parking lot on Saturday afternoon does help the older audience the chain is chasing.
"Bunnings redefined the entire experience of the hardware industry," Hammond wrote in the book BE Brands, which was released this month.
He mentioned similar success stories such as T2 Tea, Max Brenner Chocolate, Lush soap and Smiggle stationery.
All of these are well-known brands that are considered category killers because they occupy their own industry.
When they sell the most basic products
Tea, chocolate, soap and paper
They created a brand that satisfied them;
Even the Generation X and Y markets.
"Transforming the foundation of life into experiences in the central belief system is a secret weapon for many category killers," Hammond said . ".
Shane believes that trying to reach 16-
30 mar ket can save money if they go back to basics.
"Don't try to figure out how to talk nonsense in a market with BS
"They have detectors on their heads," said Xie Han.
"Stop cheating excessive people
Stimulus, a lot of sales-
A generation begins to become real and real first.
If you deliver an original high quality product, it will let people talk and eventually market themselves. "Simple.
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