Costume Jewelry Care Tips for Worn Out Costume Jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2020-02-21
In case you've got old, worn outside, found better days costume jewelry only lying around gathering dust don't throw it out. You can revitalize those filthy, outdated and broken pieces by following a few Straightforward measures: Worn out gold or silver plating: Because typical costume jewelry plating is quite thin it may finally rub away from wear or be damaged by the use of harsh chemicals, lotions, or scents. Whether this happens there are several choices in gold and silver re-plating options that could be found online. Some are rather simple and can be carried out without the use of heat or electricity, while others are a little more complicated. I found one site specifically that offers an excellent variety of plating options (e.g. immersion plating, pencil plating) and general plating instructions for precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and rhodium. It's Click on the contents and search box and then plating gateway. 1 word of caution: I would suggest buying only cyanide free plating alternatives as cyanide is noxious. For silver lovers there's 1 product I have personally used that has worked well for me personally also it's called Silver Brite. This easy to use cream polishes, cleans and re-plates in 1 step. It's quite easy to use and quite inexpensive. Just rub the cream with an applicator sponge or a Q-tip for small things and rub off with the buffing cloth that's included with the kit. The end result is a glistening, clean silver finish. Tarnished or filthy: Cleaning costume jewelry is simple but select your cleaner wisely. Simply use a jewelry cleaner that specifically states it is safe for costume jewelry and read the components to be sure that it doesn't contain alcohol, acids, or ammonia because these can strip the gold or silver plate. Utilize a children's soft bristle brush brush for cleaning around costume jewelry stones. I don't recommend submerging rhinestone jewelry as the stones might become loose and fall out. mild tarnish can be easily buffed away with a soft jewelers fabric. fantastic jewelry polish works great in restoring greatly tarnished products. Loose or missing stones: Just be careful not to use too much. You don't want the glue to escape and cause the piece to follow your skin or a different object. Most of the time one drop will suffice unless it's a very large stone in which case you might choose to use two drops. If you cannot find the missing stone you can find companies online that sell loose cz stones if you've got a distinctive chain or ring band you want to salvage. Simply do an internet search for cz stones. Broken grip: If your necklace or bracelet includes a broken grip make certain it's the true clasp that's broken. The problem might be a broken jump ring which is a very small metallic ring that's available in 1 spot which connects the grip to the chain. If that is the problem it is easily fixed. First identify what sort of grip it's. There are lots of types (e.g. lobster clasp which is shaped just like a lobster claw and contains a very small spring loaded lever, a magnetic grip which is just as it seems ) then visit the local craft shop or perform a search online for jewelry clasps and you should find exactly what you need. In case the grip is soldered on you need to speak to a jewelry repair professional. Outdated: If you want to supply a more contemporary appeal to your older costume jewelry pieces its easy to mix and match. Be creative!
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