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Customization makes a lot of sense

Customization makes a lot of sense


It is understood that different kinds of colored stones represent different meanings, and people can choose according to their preferences and needs:

Ruby is known as the "stone of love", symbolizing passion like fire and the beauty, eternity and constancy of love;

Sapphire is not only known as the "September birthstone," but also the 23rd and 26th anniversary of their wedding, symbolizing loyalty and devotion;

Olivine symbolizes family happiness and marital harmony;

Aquamarine is a symbol of pure love.

Customization makes a lot of sense

For fashionistas who are fed up with mass-market jewellery, bespoke jewellery has a deep imprint of personal style on top of style and craftsmanship. It is not replicable, it is exclusive, so it makes a lot of sense."

Nowadays, the jewelry industry is in vogue for personal customization of colorful gemstone ornaments."When a piece of colorful jewelry is created by someone, your mood is like a child that has been conceived for a long time. Your heart is not only full of surprise, but also touched."

The biggest charm of customized gemstone jewelry lies in its uniqueness. Compared with mass-produced jewelry, customized jewelry is undoubtedly the best choice.

Move upmarket

With the increasing purchasing power of Chinese consumers for colored gemstones and the declining output of major gemstone producing areas such as Colombia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, a number of varieties of gemstones are in short supply on the market and their prices are rising constantly.

Many collectable colored gems, such as unprocessed rubies and sapphires, and oil-free emeralds, have seen their prices rise two to three times in the past five years, and Burmese sapphires, rubies, Mozambican rubies, and red corals three to five times.In addition, gem prices for individual varieties have risen even more, such as the large grain watermelon tourmaline, which rose more than fivefold.The upmarket march of colored gems has thus begun.

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