How does JINGLIXIN JEWELRY manufacture custom brooches?
HUIZHOU JINGLIXIN JEWELRY CO.,LTD. has always paid close attention to the process of manufacturing custom brooches. Professional and experienced staff are equipped to be involved in the production process of the product. By introducing a complete set of facilities and techniques, our manufacturing process is more recommended by customers.
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JINGLIXIN JEWELRY is a company which is specialized in producing jewelry accessories covering a wide range of working area. JINGLIXIN JEWELRY provides a wide range of wholesale necklaces for customers. The processing of JINGLIXIN JEWELRY rhinestones necklace involves several basic steps: plasticizing, mixing, calendering or extrusion, forming, punching, cutting, vulcanizing and deflashing. Made of high-grade environmentally friendly materials, it does not cause any harm to people. The product has undergone rigorous testing during the trial production phase. The product meets the international safety standard.
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Our goal is to achieve industry-leading operational performance through strategic development initiatives, technological innovation, and an accelerated shift to a new development mode highlighting quality and efficiency.

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