How many custom rings are produced by JINGLIXIN JEWELRY per year?
The annual output of the custom ring in [47 is considerable. We have a better-equipped plant. It consists of large square meters of combined space and several production lines. All our facilities can run multiple shifts per day, and they are under 24 hours of security monitoring, allowing us to run projects with high efficiency and achieve a high level of annual output. From meeting shorter lead times to implementing simpler processes and offering competitive pricing, our plant is designed to effectively meet customers' needs.
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HUIZHOU JINGLIXIN JEWELRY CO.,LTD. has been considered as an expert in the design and production of custom bracelet. We have a strong production foundation and experience. JINGLIXIN JEWELRY is mainly engaged in the business of wholesale fashion earrings and other product series. The design of JINGLIXIN JEWELRY wholesale necklaces is of professionalism and sophistication. Its mechanical components, appearance, control system, and the whole body structure are carefully considered by the design teams. It is finely crafted and has gained 100% customer satisfaction. JINGLIXIN JEWELRY has excellent management team, modern production lines, advanced manufacturing equipment and processes. The product requires easy maintenance, offering convenience for users.
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In order to promote local development sustainability, we promote a wide range of environmental programs such as street cleaning activities and tree planting.

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