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How to maintain the jewelry?

How to maintain the jewelry?


  First of all, try to avoid some fierce collisions when wearing diamond ornaments. Although diamonds are the strongest and hardest substances in the world, they are very brittle. When exposed to external forces, diamonds may show a damaged environment. Especially the "claw-inlaid" diamond ornament, the diamond's lumbar part is the weakest, it will be damaged under the impact of external force, which seriously affects the diamond's elegant level and its value.

  Don't put the diamonds together with other jewels in the jewelry box. Because the diamonds will scratch other jewels in the special case of friction, you should buy a few small boxes with diamonds separately to collect them. Decorations should be placed separately to avoid friction and wear. Similar gemstones should also be placed as far as possible to avoid mutual friction. At the same time, platinum decorations should not be worn at the same time as gold decorations.  

  Also pay attention to the process of using cosmetics. Diamonds have a strong adsorption property, which is easier to mix with other gemstones. If the fingerprint or sweat is stuck for a long time, it is difficult to remove. The lotion and cosmetics are almost all fat, so it is definitely good. Wear it after makeup. In addition, when doing housework, you should also know how to maintain diamond jewelry.

  Don't let the diamonds you wear be stained with oil and bleach. Oil can affect the luster of the diamond. The bleach will not damage the diamond, but it will discolor or produce spots on the metal, which will make the diamonds lose their luster. Like other gems, such as crystal, agate, etc. If you want to wear diamond jewelry, then you must know how to maintain diamond jewelry. Because diamond jewelry is like love, it also needs your care.

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