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Precautions of wearing gold plated ring

Precautions of wearing gold plated ring


Due to the pure gold and silver jewelry is very expensive and some people can't afford it with low income. The emergence of gold-plated technology solved this problem.Many people can bring the gold-plated ring. So what should be pay attention to when wearing ring?

1. Avoid collisions

We should be careful not to let the gold ring and other objects collision, especially those sharp objects.If the gold-plated ring and the hardness of the object collision, then will make the gold-plated ring deformation and fracture;If a gold-plated ring collides with a small hard object, it will damage other jewelry, and no matter what object it collides with violently, it will hurt both parties.

2.Stay away from chemicals

When we wear our gold-plated rings, we should also be careful not to come into direct contact with chemicals. If we do come into contact with chemicals, we should first dry the chemicals with a clean soft cloth and then rinse with water.Next, when we make up at ordinary times also should pay attention to, do not let aureate ring contact cosmetic, perfume to wait a moment, lest corroded the surface of aureate ring, appear the case that drops color to change color, should wear so beautiful.

 With regard to gold-plated ring wearing matters needing attention, the above is just a brief introduction of gold-plated ring should avoid collision and stay away from chemicals, so as to keep gold-plated ring for a long time to wear, let the ring add luster for you.

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